ICAST 2016

Leaving New York, Chad and I had a little time to kill on our way to Chicago where he was meeting a buddy to head back down to Winona and me down to Florida to take part in ICAST. Coming across the toll road on the southern banks of Lake Erie, we decided we needed a quick fishing break and next thing you know, we were well into a 47 mile run out to Pelee Island on the Canadian-side of the lake. Fishing was good too. Never been out there that time of year but was cool to see what these fish look like after the spawn. Plenty of length but the bellies were a long way off from where they are come September.



Finally, I was done screwing around with the smallies and pointed the rig south to the sunshine state. Aside from a few informal meetings and quick video shoots in my other sponsor’s booths, my main focus was representing Biovex in their sophomore year attending ICAST.

Things went better than expected and the brand recognition is noticeably higher with plenty of people eager to see what was new from the Japanese-based Biovex crew. The hands down star of the show was the Biovex Joint Bait 142 topwater. A bait I’ve been using for a little while now and have blasted all three species of bass in largemouth, smallmouth and spots. There really isn’t anything on the market like it and the action of the bait seems to be catching both bass and anglers alike! I have a handful of good topwaters in my box but when conditions are slick and bass are looking up, nothing out fishes the Joint bait. She’s deadly.

I was excited to see all the new products, as well as plenty of familiar faces. The fishing industry as a whole is climbing to new levels and the bass fishing market might be the strongest yet.

Big thanks to all the Biovex crew from both the US and Japan, as well as our bad ass Pro Team. You all made the time inside a convention center almost as good as the times out on the water! Thank you.


Check out the entire Biovex USA line at – www.BiovexUSA.com and for the entire Biovex Japan line visit – www.Biovex.jp

Aside from the business itself, I got the chance to hang out beachside with my wife Bri and even do a little saltwater fishing with good friend Paul Michelle. Good times. Except for the fighting a 10 foot bull shark part, that was hell…. Thanks Paul.


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