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I’ve been a diehard G Loomis and Shimano supporter since I was a little kid. I remember going to the different consumer expo shows with my Uncle and eyeballing them when I wasn’t even old enough to understand the value of a dollar. Don’t get me wrong, these rods and reels come at a staggering sticker price especially if you’re looking high-end, but hear me, you’re going to get what you pay for.


G Loomis and Shimano has been around long before I was setting hooks and have always had the reputation as the best. You don’t create your own reputation, you earn it. There’s a lot of different rod and reel companies popping up damn near daily and all claim to be the best but really don’t deserve to be in the same sentence. G Loomis and Shimano continually develop the mold to which the competition is trying to duplicate.

Once you purchase a G Loomis rod you are welcomed into the family as G Loomis offers a lifetime warranty on their products. When you spend as much time in the boat as I do, things are going to happen. I put my equipment under a lot of abuse but I have the self satisfaction of knowing that when my rod snaps in half setting the hook on a 9 pounder that’s buried under a hyacinth mat, that I can have a new one in my hands as soon as the next day.

American Legacy Fishing

When I say I’m brand loyal that doesn’t just mean the rod and reel but also the place I go to to get my hands on these very setups. American Legacy Fishing Company is the number one G Loomis and Shimano superstore and are a full service vendor for all the best fishing related brands. They have every rod imaginable, if it says G Loomis, they got it. Their staff is top notch and offer not only industry knowledge but are all fisherman themselves and offer their customers real advice where the other big box stores simply can’t compete.

You can also take advantage of their trade-in program and trade in that older model Shimano for the newest and greatest or find that hard to acquire item that has been discontinued like the Shimano Chronarch 100D7, Core MgFv or better yet, the old school Loomis rods with the Wiebe reels seats! You never really know what you can find at American Legacy! Check them out today and also be sure to join their club for email updates on everything G Loomis and Shimano!

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