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You know me, or well maybe you don’t, but one thing you should know is I frown on political jargon here on JoshDouglasFishing.com. Not that I don’t have my opinions and beliefs, cause God knows I do but I don’t feel the need to use my website as a soap box to try to force my beliefs down your throat. In fact, I’m quite the opposite, I find what makes this country great is that everyone has an opinion and as long as it comes from their heart, than they’re entitled to their opinion. I may hate it, you may hate it, but it’s their opinion and that’s all that matters.

I would much rather just talk fishing here and leave the politics to the late night conversations around the fire with a few buddies and case of cold ones. Nothing like annoying my wife with some good ole’ Miller Lite fueled political talk, as if talking fishing with the same friends for the two hours prior to that conversation wasn’t already mind numbing for her. Gotta love her, she’s a trooper.

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But, and of course there had to be a but coming, it seems that Rep. Paul Davis of Maine, who claims to be a serious fisherman, is requesting a state-wide band of “rubber” baits in his waters. Being that soft plastics haven’t been made of rubber for some time, it seems to me that his lack of scientific evidence or anything even close to a logical thought will prove to be completely off base. However I would imagine, in his uneducated demands that he is also referring to that of soft plastics which may appear to a novice fisherman, pun intended, that it’s made of rubber but really it’s a liquid plastic that is heated, molded and then cooled into a soft plastic.

Even so, there isn’t much of any scientific evidence that suggests soft plastics are any more harmful to our fish or our fisheries than that of any other artificial lure. In fact, what is proven is that artificial lures are far less harmful and way less lethal than that of live bait. I’m not throwing live bait under the bus here either as by the numbers they’re all safe and should be enjoyed by outdoor enthusiasts and their families for generations to come.

Despite trying to strip outdoor enthusiasts of their rights, Rep. Paul Davis must also feel Maine and the rest of the United States is balling uncharted levels and doesn’t want to consider the monetary side of implementing such a law. The last research I saw was done by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, where in the year 2006, it was estimated that at least 30 million U.S. anglers, ages 16 years or older, enjoyed over 403 million fishing trips, spending over 42 billion in fishing related expenses that year alone. I’m not saying that money is everything but come on Rep. Davis, how about you use your resources and public funding as well as your imagination and come up with a few better and more realistic ways to help our waters and our fish because if I’m not mistaken, it is us, the anglers, that provide the monetary allowances that keep not only our fish and our waterways but also our tradition of fishing alive and strong.

Please take a quick moment to sign this petition put together by Keep America Fishing, so that Maine’s legislature not only here’s their own anglers voice but knows loud and clear that we as anglers nationwide got each others back.

For more information please check out the following websites, Bassmaster and Keep America Fishing.

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