Looking Forward to 2013!

Happy New Year! The year 2012 is behind us and the new chapter titled 2013 is now underway. Reflection can be a double edged sword, you remember the good but are forced to face the bad. This past year was one to remember, Bri and I up and moving to southeastern Tennessee with aspirations the size of Texas! It was kinda scary actually.

We’ve known for years we wanted to move south, so we planned, worked to change our lifestyles and followed the plan relatively flawlessly. We had to say goodbye to families and friends, this was easily the hardest. Then the stress of leaving good jobs, good people and a great place like Minnesota comes with its obvious anxieties, but ones we were ready to take head on.

Breaking in 2013 we now call Tennessee home. We’re attempting to and carrying out a lifetime dream I’ve had since I was a little kid and if it wasn’t for these great companies and their products, as well as my family’s support, I wouldn’t be turning this dream into a working reality.

As I continue to prepare for what lies ahead in 2013, I can’t help but be excited. I’d like to personally send thanks for your continued support!


Biovex is a top of the line Japanese tackle manufacturer, known for their innovative Japanese design at a fraction of the price. Now that Biovex has moved into the U.S. market, please visit their website at www.BiovexUSA.com and start catching more bass!

Vintage Moose
The Vintage Moose Tavern,  123 16th Street, Idaho Springs, CO 80452

The Vintage Moose Tavern nestled in the heart of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains is a must stop anytime you find yourself cutting across I-70, to or from Denver. “A Tiny Tavern Big on Bull” is the perfect slogan for this cozy mountain joint. Known for their great beers and smoked meat, it’s also the perfect place to talk outdoors, in fact it’s welcomed. Their new website is currently under construction, until then follow them on Facebook!


Lowrance is and always has lead the way in boating electronics. The introduction to their new HDS Touch system has completely changed the direction of fishing electronics by making these units much more efficient and user friendly. Please visit their website at www.Lowrance.com and check out my video showcasing the new Lowrance HDS Gen-2 Touch System.


The unchallenged leader in underwater mapping. Navionics offering free updates on all their new chips also has their award winning APP that essentially turns smartphones into handheld GPS units loaded with all their great underwater maps. Visit their website at www.Navionics.com.

Lazer TroKar

When I’m fishing, I make sure I got a hook that bites back! Trokar is by far the best and sharpest hook on the market. Innovative design and pure toughness is what I lean on when it’s all on the line! www.LazerTrokar.com

Lake Fork Trophy Lures

There’s certain companies that you learn to depend on when you embark in competitive fishing. They’re the ones that no matter what, you know you’ll be using their products. In the world of soft plastics, very few can say they’re in line with Lake Fork Trophy Lures. No matter the lake anywhere in the world, there’s a plastic in the LFT line that will flat bust their jaws. Just preaching truth. Order yours at www.LFTlures.com.


I depend on my Lowrance and Navionics to assist me in breaking down tournament waters, but there’s one electronic unit that flat out produces bites. If you’ve been living in a cave or are brand new to bass fishing than I’m happy to introduce you to the one and only, Hydrowave. Capable of literally starting a feeding frenzy, this is a mainstay on every tournament pro’s boat. Read why at www.Hydrowave.com.


I wrote an article for Bass Utopia titled, “Putting it All on the Line“. This couldn’t have been a more fitting title for a deep written lecture on why I trust Seaguar when it’s all on the line. They offer the best quality and most sensitive lines with everything varying from mid range fluorocarbon to extremly high end Tatsu fluorocarbon as well as mono and braid. www.Seaguar.com


Since I was a small kid I wanted to own a G Loomis rod, now grown I can happily say I have 25 or so of them. Why? They’re the best! They were then and they are now. The competition keeps coming but the crown always stays with the king. www.GLoomis.com and be sure to check out the new GLX Crankbait series, they’ve broken the mold.


Japan knows a thing or two about fishing reels and no one sets the standard like Shimano. When you’re used to fishing the best, the rest is simply not an option. Offering state of the art fishing reels in all shapes, sizes and prices to fit your needs. www.fish.shimano.com

Outkast Tackle

If there’s one bait I use the most it’s a jig and Outkast Tackle offers up everything and then some to help you pull big donkeys away from cover. Available in all shapes and sizes! The Outkast Money Jig is a mainstay for me whenever I’m around grass. Really, I mean it………it’s game over.


Welcome to JoshDouglasFishing.com! A site dedicated to my avid fishing career. Join me as I share my honest approach to chasing a childhood dream full of obstacles, failures and successes, while traveling across the nation competing and advancing to the sports highest levels. I’ll share all that I learn from new tips and techniques as well as the hottest tackle and equipment. Join me as I document the everyday rigors of tournament bass fishing from the business as a whole, to the practice and all the way to the weigh-in stage!

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