A Very Merry Christmas

My first Tennessee Christmas has come and gone and will be one I’ll never soon forget, summing up all the reasons why my wife and I packed everything and now call the Tennessee River home.

There’s no denying that the holidays are hard when you’re 1000 miles from home and away from all your family and friends that you love so much. However, it’s also hard to be in Minnesota when your sole reason for living is virtually impossible due to the 3 feet of frozen ice covering all our great northern lakes for 6 months of the year. It’s a give and take and though family and friends take rank over fishing, having the ability to hit the water on Christmas sure helps take away from the home sickness.

My good buddy and fellow bass pro Andy Young, decided to make the trip south and spend Christmas with Bri and I as well as help me exercise some of the fat Lake Chickamauga bass and boy was his timing right on! As I was saying in my previous post, Chick was days away from opening wide up and all the lake really needed was a good old fashioned cold snap to get the shad twitching and the bass eating.

The days before Andy’s arrival and we got just what we were asking for as the overnight temps dipped down into the 20’s and started grouping the shad up. The bass followed suit and instead of being one here and one there, they were one after another as the big ones starting eating up for the upcoming winter. In fact, as Andy was driving down I was putting a hurting on ’em and would have really put together a day but I threw a 8 pounder at the boat that was barely hooked with my Biovex Amp Stay80 Jerkbait. Heartbreaking for sure but signs of what was about to go down.


The fishing stayed great as we were using basically anything that would move to catch bass. I caught some nice ones the first day off a Biovex Kolt Ridgetail Swimbait and a balsa flat sided crank. Andy did work with a big ole squarebill and we both found some success with jerkbaits. We basically had one of each from a Biovex Amp Stay80 (Hot Shad) smaller profile jerkbait all the way up to a Megabass Ito Vision 110 for the larger size. We even got into some Alabama or I should rephrase, Tennessee Rig fish tipped with 3 Biovex Kolt Ridgetail Swimbaits in both 3″ and 4″ versions. I got to give props where props are due and give a shout out to Scott with Hog Farmers Bait Company and his 3 Arm 6 Blade Rig that outperformed all the rest that we had in the boat. It was a great couple days of fishing and we found most our success using my Lowrance HDS Gen-2 Touch electronics to find creek channels, road beds and points as well as looking for shallow dead grass to put ’em boat.

In fact, at one point we bagged up our best 5 going for just over 31 pounds and caught them in less than 20 minutes! Dude! It was so awesome we even caught a few 5’s in that time frame that didn’t even help! I’m telling you all, Lake Chickamauga and the Tennessee River is alive and well. Probably never been better.

I’ll soon be in the process of obtaining my USCG Captain License so that I can guide the Tennessee River and it’s lakes including Lakes Chickamauga, Nickajack and Guntersville. Until then, I’m running a special on my On-Water Lowrance Training Program, where I’ll take you on the water with your rig and help customize your setup and teach you all that goes into these great Lowrance products. I promise after one trip that you’ll be very in tune with your equipment and be able to better read what the water is telling you and catch big stringers of fish! My winter 2013 promotion for my On-Water Lowrance Training Program is half off, 4 hours for only $150 dollars! A great value when considering my normal price of $300 for 4 hours. Contact me at josh@joshdouglasfishing.com to take advantage of this limited offer and book your Lowrance lesson today!

Until then, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! See ya’ll on the water!!

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