Holding Off on the Winter Blues!

What a change of pace! This time last year, I was day dreaming through a Minnesota winter with thoughts of four pound largemouth choking my Biovex Stay80 jerkbait on a cold December afternoon. I was well aware that this winter I would be calling southeastern Tennessee and Lake Chickamauga my new home. Fast forward to today and indeed I do call the flowing waters of the Tennessee River home. I’m out living the dream of being able to launch my Ranger and fish just days away from Christmas, instead of rustling through three feet of snow to stare at my baby in the garage.

Everything I was dreaming of last winter is basically right on par, except of course for the fishing. As I said, I was envisioning I’d be throwing my favorite jerkbaits on main-lake points with a cadence so slow I could check my emails in between jerks. That’s just not the case. So far the winter has been mild enough that the bass aren’t predictable at all. The grass that welcomed my arrival in early October is all but gone leaving helpless strands floating around only good enough to ruin a perfectly thrown cast. The shad that should be twitching so hard they make bass drool are so abundant and healthy that they roam from the main river channel, all the way back in creeks and everywhere in between.

The fishing is very hit or miss and wouldn’t you know it, I’m loving every second! You kidding me?! To be junk fishing days before Christmas! I was born for this man! You can catch them all over the lake right now and as long as you got a bait in the water you’re liable to get your arms ripped off!

I’m not exaggerating either. I can catch them in the backs of the creeks on a frog over whatever floating dead vegetation is left back there. An Outkast Swim Jig tipped with a Lake Fork Hyper Boot Tail is killer right now for that big bite. The main lake is also holding some good fish on key structure and nothing calls to them better than a Biovex Deep Runner. Heck, you can still whack a giant on a Spook!

I along with my new buddy, up and coming bass pro Gavin Smith have been out trying some new things teaching each other a little something and putting a few dandies in the boat in the process. The bite may be tough but you know where I’ll be……..gone fishing!

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