Home Sweet Home

It started as a pipe dream, slowly but surely morphing into a tangible thought. A lofty thought nonetheless but the deep desires that tore into my visions developed into a reality. A reality that needed to be planned, something so thought out that it was years in the making until one recent day when I sat back, turned another page of my life’s book and found an end to a chapter and a start to a new.

In life we all have numerous chapters, a book that tells the story of how our life plays out. For some, their chapters are longer than others, stuck in a rut until fate takes hold. Others work with fate, always looking for the doors to open and running face first through them with giant hopes and aspirations. At times we strive to new levels and other times we fall flat on our face, but it’s the act of jumping that opens the next. Not being afraid of falling but looking forward to picking ourselves up, dusting ourselves off and aiming head first at the next, all the while learning to avoid the doorway that brought us down.

Just recently my wife Bri and I closed a chapter and now are working on writing another. It started with the dream of up and moving from our home and making a new one in the hills of Southeastern Tennessee. There are numerous reasons we wanted this for our lives, some are so evident some are very private but none the less it served as the motivation for us both to endure the plan and embrace the risk of running head first without the fear of falling.

Now we are home, all nestled in outside Chattanooga, Tennessee not but minutes from the rolling hills and moving water of the Tennessee River. This new chapter will be as challenging as was the past, full of goals, ambitions and dreams but also sure to present failures, hard work and disappointment. These are the challenges that make up the chapters and these chapters are what create the perfect book.

I will continue to share these successes and these failures with you as we continue to chase this dream that started years ago. I’m excited about what holds in the future and thanks to family, friends and my sponsors we find ourselves in an even better position to continue the climb to new levels. We’ve always dreamed big, aimed for the sky and thrown ourselves out there to be vulnerable. We take the road less traveled and though we may get lost we seem to find our way, all the while refusing to get stuck in life’s traffic jams. We turn our individual goals into one big dream and push each other to accomplish what some may consider the impossible, but to us is just another chapter. Where ever we are in this analogous book, we know in our hearts we are home sweet home.


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