Tackle Update: Lowrance HDS Gen-2 Touch

The future is officially the present as Lowrance, leader in all fishing and water electronics has just announced the new HDS Gen-2 Touch! Everything has been upgraded into what is sure to take the fishing world by storm and why wouldn’t it? It’s bigger, more efficient, faster and comes with far more options. Do to it’s revolutionary touch screen, the need for buttons is unnecessary providing more room to stretch out the screen making the new Touch units available in larger 7, 9 and 12 inch models.


Days before Lowrance officially made their announcement I got the opportunity to partake in an early training session held in northern Minnesota on Mille Lacs Lake. I’m always impressed with the advances that come out of the Lowrance think tank but even I had to admit that I was partially skeptical. I’ve used touch screen for some time and also know how not user friendly it is when wet, knowing the conditions I put my equipment through, getting wet is the least of it’s worries. My questions were instantly answered when not only does it work perfect wet, the new screen is so crystal clear I could see the finest of details.

The touch screen also makes the units extremely efficient as you don’t have buttons that activate different menus, instead you just simply touch what you want to do and open up that exact function. Oh yeah, LSS is now internal to the unit and not separate, meaning you get the whole works including StructureScan right out of the box.

Saving the best for last, Lowrance has added an underwater camera plug and play option. This is what impressed me the most as I’ve spent hours upon hours underneath dark blankets trying to see the lakes floor without that annoying glare that comes with a cumbersome underwater camera. Now you simply plug in the exportable camera and drop it down to see a perfect crystal clear image of what’s below on your unit itself. No more glare.

I’m very excited to be sporting the new Lowrance HDS Gen-2 Touch on my boat for the 2013 fishing season! At this level, I need every advantage I can get and Lowrance has got my back!

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