Intro to "Recipe’s Off the Water"

Anyone who is reading my blog knows I’m an obsessed bass angler that spends almost every single waken hour out on the water. The rare times I’m not on the water, I enjoy spending time at home in the kitchen with my wife Bri, cooking up some of our favorite dishes and enjoying some of the finer things nature provides to us all.

“Recipe’s Off the Water” is the newest addition to my JD Fishing Blog and one I’ve been brainstorming for some time. The point of this segment is to share some of our other hobbies such as growing fresh produce and fiery hot peppers and combining it with my passion for fishing and hunting. I love nature and everything about it and really take great pride in using nature’s gifts in the kitchen to make flavorable and healthy dishes!

I eat a lot of fish and vegetables and am a spicy food addict! Though I always catch and release when bass fishing, I on occasion will run into a couple nice eating sized walleyes or other game fish and find it very rewarding to bring home and cook up. I also love grilling and smoking meats and will make a point to use game meats like deer and elk venison as my family and friends are avid hunters.

My wife is my inspiration behind “Recipe’s Off the Water” as she is enjoying great success with her own website, The Fisherman’s Widow. Her “Trials and Tribulations of a Fisherman’s Widow” themed website pokes fun at the obvious but it’s her content that is producing a very impressive following.

One of Bri and I’s biggest goals for the future is to buy land in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee and not just to be able to fish every renown bass lake on the Tennessee River but to also be able to live more off the land and grow all our own fruits and vegetables as well as raise our own chickens and sheep. All part of the big dream that continues to drive me to accomplish my lifetime goals of holding a Bassmaster Classic Trophy high over my head and enjoying life’s finer things with my family.

Thanks for reading and I hope to bring you more fantastic reads well into the future! If you have any outdoors-like recipes that are a must try, please send them over! If I like them, I’ll post them!

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