Denny’s Super 30

Lake Minnetonka, Mound, MN

Man I was looking forward to today, the lake has been on absolute fire! Being that life has been so stressful lately as we are preparing for our move south, I decided the best medicine would be to just hit my favorite lake during my favorite time of year and put in a full week of practice leading up to the Denny’s.

As I said the lake has been hot and the weather has been even hotter, this isn’t usually a bad thing either as I feel it puts the fish in more predictable deep water areas. The vegetation actually starts to burn off much like that of corn and other plants that get a unhealthy dose of higher than usual air temps, making finding healthy weeds a must for success. When I found these key areas, the bass were fat and plentiful as they weren’t the only fish that found this habitat desirable. The bluegills, perch and crayfish also were plentiful making easy meals for the bass.

During practice I made it a point to search out new water. Once I had developed a successful pattern I saw no need to check spots that I knew I was going to fish come tournament day. My team tournament partner Paul Coffey did the same and by the end of the week we had more water than we ever knew what to do with and knew there was no way we could ever fish it all.

For the tournament we drew boat 22, not great but really I could have cared less to be honest. Like I said, we had lots of water and not a single spot I felt was more desirable than the next. The wind was tough and that made Paul and I rethink our attack strategy, in fact we reversed it all together in an attempt to be able to better approach our water.

The morning started off great as we put together a limit real quick, though the size just wasn’t there. That never really changed all day as we kept catching them but just never got a big bite and also both managed to break off on a couple nice ones. In the end, we stubbed our toes something fierce and ended up with the worst showing at a Denny’s tournament of my entire life, 8 for roughly 22 pounds. The end result was mind boggling as we truly were on the right fish and if the tournament was tomorrow I don’t know that I’d a changed a thing and would have whacked ’em. Sometimes you just should have zigged instead of zagged but in hindsight it’s always easy to wish you would have hit certain areas at certain times instead. The only thing I guess I would have changed if given the opportunity would have been to fish our original track instead of switching it up to account for the wind. We probably would have picked up a couple of better bites earlier and set a much better tone right away. Things to consider…

Up next I have a handful of guide trips and then get to head up north to fish Gull Lake in the third NABC event. I’m always more than excited to head to northern Minnesota and throw down in God’s country!

Speaking of guide trips, NOW’S THE TIME! Lake Minnetonka is prime right now and the big girls are biting and biting a lot! Contact me today to book your trip.

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