Full Throttle Team Event

Mississippi River Pools 3, 4 and 5, Red Wing, MN

I’m happy to say that my tournament season is fully underway! This past weekend I got the opportunity to fish the Full Throttle Team Tourney with a good friend and one of Minnesota’s best bass anglers, Andy Young. The event was held on one of my favorite bodies of water in the Mississippi River.

As much as I’d like to get into the details of what patterns worked and which ones didn’t but I can’t as Andy has another upcoming tournament there in the next couple weeks.

Practice went very well and we knew if we had a run and gun approach we should easily be able to catch 15 pounds and though we caught some nice ones during practice, we knew that we would need to capitalize on a few big bites. We figured it’d take 18 to 20 pounds to have a chance of winning and thought if we ran all our spots we may just find ourselves with that kind of weight.

Game day turned up exactly what we thought and though we put together 15 pounds we never did get that big bite needed to push us to the top. We weighed in 5 for 15.28 lbs only good enough for an 8th place finish. The winners put together an impressive 5 largemouths for 19.1 pounds. Even though it didn’t turn out the way we had hoped we still had a great day on the water and after some good river fishing I’m more than ready to hit the road and try to put together something great on Table Rock!

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