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Hopefully when you checked into my website you noticed the we’re sporting a fresh, new look for the 2012 season. I wanted to showcase Biovex, my title sponsor as well as the rest of my sponsors who without there support, I never would be packing my boat and heading south to throw down in the Bassmaster Central Opens.

Over the years I’ve taken great pride in the Blog portion of my website and am looking forward to continuing to do so well into the future. Since day one, I’ve tried to always give a true and personal look into what all goes into chasing my dream of competing on the largest stages of professional bass fishing. I openly wear my heart on my sleeve and try very hard to portray both the ups and the downs that I face on a regular basis. I’m very thankful to see first hand all the return visitors that continue to follow what I have going on. This started as a personal journal if you will, or as personal as a public blog can be. I’m still amazed by how fast it is growing and I receive emails all the time with people commenting on what they’ve read and personally showing their support which is equally rewarding as it is humbling.

Now that we have so many followers I plan to start doing some fun giveaways and spread the love around to my readers. Biovex, a leader in Japanese Tackle has graciously agreed to donate boat loads of tackle that we’ll be giving away in different contests. Biovex will soon be releasing their products here in the U.S. and the buzz has been overwhelming! I can personally attest to how well these baits perform. They’re the real deal! I’ve been working with them on designing some high quality and even higher performing baits unlike anything else on the market. The amount of detail that goes into designing and manufacturing these baits is second to none and though I’ve been fortunate enough to use these baits to cash paychecks for years, I’m excited to see others get that same opportunity!

Currently we’re looking for some contest ideas to get the ball rolling. If anyone has any ideas that we could use please send me an email at or leave your contest idea on my Facebook page and I’ll add your name to the first drawing for a SWEET Biovex tackle package!

All for now, I got a boat to get tournament ready and unfortunately snow to shovel off the driveway so I can physically get the boat out of the garage. Got to love a Minnesota winter!!

Welcome to! A site dedicated to my avid fishing career. Join me as I share my honest approach to chasing a childhood dream full of obstacles, failures and successes, while traveling across the nation competing and advancing to the sports highest levels. I’ll share all that I learn from new tips and techniques as well as the hottest tackle and equipment. Join me as I document the everyday rigors of tournament bass fishing from the business as a whole, to the practice and all the way to the weigh-in stage!

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