G Loomis Goes Green!

Right before the holidays G Loomis introduced the new NRX Green Series to their already stellar line of fishing rods. I myself have used the original NRX rods for about two years now ever since the very first supply was made available and I can honestly tell you there isn’t a better classic graphite rod on the market. With that said, there wasn’t any changes made to the “Green” NRX with the exception of the cosmetic look so I wasn’t exactly jumping out of my seat to run out and get my hands on these new green rods……until now!

I’m excited to report that the online tackle outlet, The Hooked Up Tackle has made the G Loomis NRX Green Series just a tad greener by offering a recycling program where you can trade out your old rods for stiff discounts on the new NRX Green Series Rods. Trade-in any G Loomis, St. Croix, Daiwa, Shimano or Dobyns rod and get 75% of the original retail value of your trade-in rod towards a new NRX Green rod! Now that’s what I call recycling!

I have dabbled with other rods and pushed away sponsorships from other reputable rod makers through the years and still label myself a die hard Loomis guy. I have zero affiliation with the company except for my complete trust in their products. There’s surely other great rods out there but I will fight to the end to say they’re all chasing the mold that G Loomis continues to break!

The Hooked Up Tackle is offering a great promotion this holiday season, treat yourself and see why I depend on these rods day in and day out! Happy Holidays!

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