The Stars are Aligning

The anxiety is ridiculous as I wait for word on whether I’m in or not for the 2012 Bassmaster Central Opens. I’m registered and my deposit has been cashed but it’s a waiting game from here. I’m excited to step up my game to a bigger stage and I know in my heart I’m ready for the all the challenges that come with it.

My main goal for the season is to make the top 50 in the Angler of the Year points. I’m a competitor, there’s no denying that, I work endlessly everyday to put myself in position to accomplish these stiff goals I’ve put on myself. Though I aim to win each and every event I sign up for, it’s important for me to set long term goals as well. Longevity is key in this sport and as I make the transition from semi pro to full on touring pro it’ll take patience and perseverance to reach the heights of professional bass fishing.

As if I needed added motivation, BASS announced that the 2013 Bassmaster Classic will be held at Grand Lake, in northeastern Oklahoma. With the exception of Lake Minnetonka, Grand Lake is the lake I know the most. I’m slowly coming to the realization that I may be getting the opportunity to qualify for the Bassmaster Classic and knowing it will be on a lake I love to fish, really gets me jacked at the chance!

For now I go with the preparation makes perfect approach. I’m banking on the fact that I’ll get in and preparing accordingly. If I don’t then I’ll just have to adjust and look at other avenues to get to where I’m determined to go. I also have my eye on the FLW Central Everstarts, especially the event at LaCrosse, WI. It’s nice that big name tournaments are starting to creep closer and closer to the north.

Bri and I head down to Alabama as well as Tennessee soon to do some future scouting! We’re excited to say the least!

Happy belated turkey day!

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