Aiming for the Record

Most of Minnesota’s outdoor enthusiasts will be headed up north to partake in the opening weekend of deer hunting season. This bassaholic will also be headed to the north woods but not to hunt whitetail, instead to try to break the Minnesota state largemouth record. Sitting strong at 8.15 lbs, Minnesota’s bass fishing legend Mark Raveling bagged the record just a few years back. Not taking nothing away from his accomplishment but I gotta think there’s another bigger one swimming out there in one of our ten thousand lakes and God willing I hope to be visiting that one.

Most every other state that has largemouth bass fisheries have their record set in the books over ten pounds. Rumor has it that a lake in a Minneapolis suburb easily would have held that mark had the gentleman who caught it not began to fillet it. Sounds odd I know, why was he filleting a bass anyway? We’ll just skip over that.

Last year I had the opportunity to fish this little gem of a fishery and had some success getting bit on large swimbaits. I wasn’t catching small fish, these were giants and they would choke a Huddleston Trout like it was a frickin’ Oreo. Insane to say the least and the gene pool certainly has the makeup to produce a 9 pound plus. In addition, here in Minnesota we will be dealing with old man winter shinning his ugly ass head any day now, meaning the bass are eating up to survive the harsh winter, they’re going to be chunks!

My main plan of attack is to throw the big swimbaits in search of my quarry, there’s something to be said about the phrase, “go big or go home”. I’ll surely be chucking the big Huddleston as well as a Matt Lures Tournament Series Bullhead. My secret weapon will be a custom rigged Biovex Kolt Ridge Tail with a gold turtle blade.

I’ll also have my stand-by jig of course, it be cool to whack a true giant on the swimbait but it won’t hurt my feelings none if I’m forced to do it on a jig.
There’s also no way I don’t have a Picasso Football Jig in the boat as well as a Biovex Deep Runner.

I’m excited to have a couple guys from North American Fisherman there to shoot a video. Hopefully the star of the show, the fattest of the fat bass show up. Of course I know catching a true state record is more difficult than anything to accomplish in bass fishing, it’s probably easier to win a Bassmaster Classic, though at the same time if I didn’t set my standards high and believe I actually had a chance to accomplish such a feat, then what in the world is going to keep me warm in the 30 degree potentially snowing weather? Game on!

See you on the water, or on second thought, maybe you’ll see me on the water from your deer stand! Oh yeah, and the lake I speak of is……HAHAHAHA!!! Not a chance!

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