Tackle Update: Introducing the Biovex Kolt Ridge Tail

From time to time I find myself very excited about the introduction of a brand new bait. Over this past season, I was very fortunate to be able to test the newly introduced Biovex Kolt Ridge Tail, a internally weighted 4″ paddletail style swimbait.

My first impression of the bait was favorable, the basic design mimics standard size baitfish perfectly and the ridges along the body offer added vibration and better buoyancy while being retrieved. The tail was noticeably beefed up and instead of just pointing down like many standard paddletail swimbaits, this one points up and down, allowing for a very heavy pulsating action while retrieved at slower speeds. In addition, the Ridge Tail has an additional eye on the underside of the body, perfect for adding a treble “stinger” hook or for adding spinner blades for added flash and vibration.

My first outing with the bait and I instantly gained confidence in its ability to catch big fish. I was fishing a riprap bank on the south side of the dam on the Mississippi River, looking for post spawn smallmouth. I had made a few passes and was managing a few bites from time to time but nothing much to brag of. I was going in between baits using a shakey head worm, a flat side balsa crankbait and a texas rigged Reaction Innovations Beaver for the numerous laydowns that lined the bank.

Needing a bigger bite, I decided it was time to debut the Biovex Kolt Ridge Tail. I tied it up to a G Loomis GLX 843 with a Shimano Core 100 Mg and 15 lb. Seaguar Abrazx Fluorocarbon. I let the bait fall to the bottom and at a slow and steady retrieve I got bit on the very first cast, a solid 4 1/2 pound smallie. On the next cast I caught a chunky 3 pounder and on the third I caught another smallie just shy of 5. On my fourth cast, again I got bit but broke off on a good one that got me wrapped around a jagged rock. Unfortunately that was the only prototype of the lure I had but needless to say I had more shipped to me the next day.

All year I secretly used this bait to find and catch fish but it wasn’t until recently that I started adding a spinnerbait blade to the bottom for added appeal. More times than not, the added attraction delivers a few more bites but there are times when just the standard gets the nod. If it’s windy and there’s weather, the blade is a must but on slick sunny days the lone paddletail gets the job done as is.

This upcoming weekend I’ll be shooting a video in northwestern Minnesota throwing swimbaits for late fall largemouth with North American Fisherman. The Biovex Kolt Ridge Tail will be a go-to for putting some pigs in the boat. I guess the secret will be out! Check back for the video soon.

With the new craze of the Alabama Rig sweeping the nation, I can’t think of a better bait to use on this rig. The Biovex Kolt Ridge Tail will be available to the U.S. in early 2012. Check back soon as I’ll be doing a contest where the winner will get their hands on this bait before anyone else in the country!

See you on the flip.

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