Denny’s Super 30

Lake Minnetonka, Wayzata, MN

I guess it’s fair to say that summer is finally here. With temps in the 100’s and humidity levels soaring over 90, these hot conditions are shaking things up on my favorite body of water, good ole Tonka.

Bass have been moving and if you’re able to stay with them they’re balling up in big schools. All of practice I spent finding these schools and honestly they can be found in all levels of the water column from dirt shallow to as deep as you fell comfortable fishing.

Ryan Brant and I had a pretty good practice and was very enthusiastic to get the deal done come Monday. We started out early when Ryan busted a 4 pounder right out of the gates and I followed up with a nice 3 1/2 to follow. The problem came just after when we tried to get to our better schools and found many boats occupying these areas. We ran around and I was able to pop another nice 3 pounder off a new spot Ryan had found in practice.

Things were going but with a couple hours burnt up we weren’t exactly loving our start, we were able to finally get on some stuff that was holding a few schools and things started to heat up quickly. One area I popped a nice bass just shy of 5 pounds and Ryan finished it off with another nice 3 1/2. Shortly thereafter on a very similar type area I boated another 4 pounder and now we were sitting very good and it was only noon.

Unfortunately for us we weren’t able to keep up with our mid day whack fest and fell short in an attempt to cull out a couple more 2 3/4 bass that where hindering our sack. We caught lots and lots of fish and culled like crazy but just couldn’t muster up enough giants to really tip the scales.

We weighed in our best 8 for 26 pounds only good enough for a 14th place finish. No money but consistency is key when the big money is also tied to the end Team of the Year points. We currently are sitting in 7th and only 12 points out of first with 2 events remaining.

The weather was hot and the fishing was even hotter! We caught lots of fish and I’ll tell you that we busted them real good on the new Trokar Hooks, I just can’t tell you which ones.. That might just give it away.

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