Tackle Update: Introducing Seaguar’s New Kanzen Braid and Senshi Mono

Seaguar has already built a lasting reputation for making the finest fluorocarbon lines on the market but today I’m happy to announce the release of their much anticipated Kanzen Braid and Senshi Monofilament. These two new lines are joining an elite lineup but for very good reason.

Senshi Monofilament is strong yet very supple and has the best cast ability of any line I’ve ever thrown. Senshi makes for great topwater line but I’m very excited to use it in all my carolina rig leaders and even more excited to employ it on my jerkbait rod for those cold days on the water.

I’m stoked about the Kanzen Braid! I’ve been waiting for someone to come out with a braid of this caliber. It has a thin diameter but is as strong as any proven braid on the market. One area in particular that sets this braid apart is that it is a waxless braid, perfect for spinning gear. It doesn’t dig into your spool like other waxed braided lines do. Couple this with a Seaguar Tatsu Fluorocarbon leader and you have all the best elements for the perfect spinning rod setup.

Check out any of the Seaguar lines at your local tackle store and see what it’s like to fish with the world’s #1 fishing line.

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