Springing Back to Life!

Let me first admit that I have been in a downright funk the past couple weeks. Thank God for my recent fishing trip out to California or I’d be in a straight jacket right about now. The utter lack of fishing is very disturbing for an individual wired like myself and the fact that we’re so close, yet still so far away is haunting. For my readers that live south of the Minnesota border, you’ll never be able to understand the pure torture us ten thousand lakers have to endure year after year. See our lakes have been ice covered since roughly December and this winter has dealt us a few substantial blows in that we’ve had very cold sub zero weather, record breaking snow falls which also lead to the inevitable, river flooding. The cold doesn’t help in that it continues to make layers of ice on the lakes that adds days to the thaw meter. Yet just when we had some serious warmer weather and all the snow was close to thawed, we get blasted with yet another Canadian clipper that brings in another half foot of snow in the metro, over a foot up north and more temps in the teens. The result, an even longer winter and even worse river flooding which clearly means no fishing anytime in the very near future. Anyone that questions my soon to be move to Tennessee just purely is not wired like a true bass fisherman, or at least not an obsessed bass fisherman that probably has clinical mental concerns when it comes to the sport.

In hindsight, this period has been considerably worse on me than years past and anyone who’s read my posts over the last few years knows that it’s bad every year. I got a lot on my plate in the future and I don’t plan on leaving a single crumb to waste. If things continue to go right, next winter should be my last here in Minnesota and even then I’ll be spending a lot of time down South. Bri and I’s move should have us down in Tennessee a lot next winter planning our living arrangements and my plan to make a run at the sport’s highest levels should have me fishing year round, as I plan to fish events in the PAA Tour, Bassmaster Opens and/or the FLW Everstart Series. My anxiety level is literally off the charts and the one thing in the world that balances me out is simply not an option, but we’re getting close, very close. I’ll have a rod and reel in my hand in no time, right?

Being a junkie fisherman, I probably watch weather just as much as I do tournament broadcasts and now I can officially say we are on the mend. Looking at the 10 day forecast here in the Twin Cities we got highs in the 40’s and 50’s and rain, that’s right I said rain, not snow. Nothing wreaks havoc on ice more than 50’s and rain, except of course 60’s, yes that would be even better but for now I’m focusing all my energy on positives so hip hip hooray for 40’s and 50’s!! Spring is here!

The next few days shouldn’t be to bad for me either as I’ll be working the Navionics booth at the annual Northwest Sport Show held at the Minneapolis Convention Center. A long weekend of talking shop is probably no cure for what I got but at least it’ll burn up a couple more thawing days and at very least take my mind off the fact that I’m not fishing, which talking fishing isn’t exactly the same but it’s kinda close.

What’s more exciting this time of year than watching the ice melt on all the major Minnesota lakes? Since it’s impossible to actually watch the ice melt on all the lakes, the second best thing is the annual website telling us the progress. Follow link here.

I started and am getting closing to finishing a chore that will be rewarding in the end but is also a giant mess and that’s going through all my tackle and cutting off old line, replacing terminal parts and reorganizing everything. This also allows me to figure out what needs restocking and it’s a lot easier getting products now than in the middle of the summer when my favorite color plastics are all sold out.

Some other things that I have on the agenda or have already conquered are cleaning all the corks of my rods and checking guides for any nicks that would need replacing, as well as cleaning all reels that need a bit of love. Making some necessary boat repairs as well as servicing my trailer are also on the check list.

Lately I’ve been getting a influx of guide inquiries and dates are starting to book so if you have any desire to book a guided bass trip this year please feel free to contact me with any questions and to check availability.

Well I’ll end my post and/or bitch session here so that I don’t continue to ramble on and actually put myself back into my funk. Please, if you find yourself at the Sport Show this weekend stop by the Navionics booth and take a look at some of the new things they got in the works or just stop by to talk fishing, trust me I’m all ears!!

Bye bye Winter! Hello Spring!

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