The Wild West

I can’t even begin to explain how busy I’ve been the past few days, hectic living for this guy. I’m not complaining though, honestly a busy Josh is a happy Josh and this winter is really trying a bass addicts nerves. The more time that can fly by and the more business I can accomplish before the ice breaks is all the better cause I plan on wrecking them this spring!

The month of March is really filling up quick as I’m happy to announce that I’ll be working the Navionics and possibly even the Capra’s Outdoors booths this year at the Northwest Sport Show, so be sure to stop by and say hi. If you have any questions about anything fishing swing by and we’ll talk shop.

The last few days have been extra hectic as leave shortly for a upcoming business trip to Southern California and if you don’t know me better, business for me includes a rod and reel in hand. I’ll be fishing Diamond Valley Lake with the people from Biovex, who’ll be in town from Japan. We got a on-water photo shoot planned so I’m hoping the giants show up to help make me look good. I’ll also be attending the Fred Hall Fishing Show in Long Beach.

**The heart of the Jewel

Bri and I still got lots to do before loading up the Ranger and make the trek across country, important things to like unwinterizing the rig, making sure the truck is good to cruise a ridiculous amount of miles but my heart is whaling a mile a minute in pure anxiety of being able to get the opportunity to fish Southern California’s jewel known as DVL.

This is a new man made reservoir that was originally opened to the public in 2002 and was made for the residents in the area for usable drinking water. The lake is loaded with giant florida-strain largemouth bass and is constantly stocked with rainbow trout. It’s also building a reputation as being a trophy smallmouth fishery. This deep rocky reservoir has already shelled out a 16.43 lb. monster largie and smallmouth weights aren’t uncommon in the 4 and 5 pound mark.

Mid March should be a good time to fish the Jewel, the fish should be moving up preparing to spawn and if they’re not up on the banks than they should be out on the points and drops in large schools. They’ve been getting some unusual weather and the water temp is on the cold side so the deep bite may still be where it’s at if the overnight temps don’t start bumping up a bit.

I’ve been doing my fair share of research and I got to admit I feel out of my norm. I was put in touch with the guys at Last Chance Bait and Tackle for some advice as well as some input on passing lake inspections, which is a long and honestly depressing side of California fishing that I just rather not get into and instead focus on all the positives that could come from this trip. When it comes to fishing it seems like a guy’s got to be extremely versatile, it’s no joke, either I’m throwing giant swimbaits with very heavy tackle or I’ll bust out the fairy wands with light 6 lb. test and do work that way. There’s really not much in between. I do plan on throwing some big texas rigged worms, Carolina Rigs, Football Jigs and of course a weightless senko for when I see a cruiser up on the bank. From what I hear it’s not much of a reaction style lake, mainly because the lake is so gin clear. It’s all about deep water or stealth in the shallows and when I say deep, we’re talking 30 to 40 feet.

**Photo of a Matt Lures Bed Bait

There’s always the possibility of busting a giant Chicana off a bed as well. I know the spawn is still a little ways off but I’m a firm believer that the real big ones are the first to get to doing the dirty deed and I just got the bait of all bed baits to break up a happy home. My real good buddy Eric Aske hooked me up with a couple baits for my trip and the bed buster of them all is a smaller white version of the Matt Lures Ultimate Gill. Dude, there’s no way this bait doesn’t get the job done. It’s really an awesome bait!

My goals for this trip are through the roof, honestly though they’re more on the business side of fishing. I got some meetings planned with Biovex that if everything is on track could mean real good things for the future. Of course I still have one main goal and that’s to catch a ten pound giant. I’d really like to accomplish this and where’s a better venue than a Southern California donkey pond? I came close last year on Falcon Lake but just never was able to bust that ten. This year could be my year!

Be sure to check in on my Facebook page for on water status checks and pictures of giants with Real Prey Swimbaits choked half down their throat!! Wish us luck!

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