Tackle Update: Real Prey Introduces the 5" Shad

Massachusetts swimbait maker, Joe Rainville, owner of Real Prey Swimbaits, just announced the release of his much anticipated 5″ Shad. A 1 oz. bait designed to be fished anywhere from the east coast to the west coast and from Florida to Minnesota. The 5 inch size of this bait is ideal for all size bass no matter where you fish, if there’s shad this bait will shine. In fact, because the bait swims so natural it’ll get bit no matter if the dominant forage is shad, bluegill, trout or alewife. I personally have never thrown a bait that runs as true as a Real Prey and the 5″ Shad is no exception.

Besides the baits irresistible action, there’s other attributes worth pointing out. Unlike more mass produced swimbaits on the market, the Real Prey’s are made of a high module and far more expensive silicone product, instead of more widely used plastisol. The benefits of this silicone favors the buyer far more than the manufacturer. As mentioned the price of the silicone is much more than that of plastisol and the reasoning behind this is because the silicone is far more durable. Durability is very high on my list when spending over twenty bucks per bait. Being that silicone is more expensive you’d think this added expense would be passed along to the consumer, not the case with Real Prey. Instead of being like most companies producing swimbaits who would rather have less expense in manufacturing and less durability in the products so that their consumers would need to buy more product when the baits wear out, Real Prey on the other hand give their customers more value for their buck and depend on old fashioned level of service to produce more and longer lasting customers.

The price of the 5″ Shad is $19.99 and the best way to purchase these baits is through Real Prey directly at www.realpreyswimbaits.com and if you spend over $50, shipping is free. Real Prey is in the middle of constructing a brand spanking new website so continue to check in for new developments. If you have any questions or want to order these baits contact realpreyswimbaits@yahoo.com

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