Plans for 2011 and Beyond

Now that the New Year has come and passed, I’m excited to say that the future is looking very bright! I’ve been busy putting together plans for the upcoming 2011 season which, in a nutshell, is preparation for 2012 and on.

With the tournament situation here in Minnesota and Wisconsin taking a dramatic downturn for lots of different reasons, it’s giving me the added motivation to jump in head first into the upper echelons of professional bass fishing. I’m truly not being a negative nelly, it’s just that since there isn’t a lot of professional level tournaments here in my area especially ones that have the potential to qualify a guy into the highest levels, it’s time I get where the getting is good and head south to start making a name for myself on some more well known tournament waters.

This is a move that both my wife Bri and myself have been waiting in anticipation for some time. Though not exactly sure on the location just yet we do know we like the Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia areas and being that they’re so centrally located to most the tour venues, this is a big advantage. Add in the fact that I’ll be able to fish year round and will be able to save thousands of dollars every year in gas money instead of trying to fish these events traveling all the way from Minnesota.

I also want to live right next to a major waterway that suits my style yet exposes me to other methods of fishing that I haven’t yet got the chance to master. Ideally the Tennessee Valley lakes are where we’ll end up. These reservoirs offers all styles of fishing but the biggest is that they offer true ledge fishing, something unheard of hear in the north country. To be able to live minutes from a lake like Chickamauga and still just be a couple hours from Guntersville, Pickwick, Kentucky and Old Hickory is a huge advantage in sharpening my learning curve and aiding me in my campaign at fishing and winning on the highest levels.

Now there’s still a lot of work to be done before we join the birds and migrate south so the time frame for our move is anytime between Spring and Fall of 2012 as this will be the year I pony up and jump into the Bassmaster Opens and FLW Opens and test myself against the best. This is something that I know may take some time to be competitive fishing against guys on their home water, but I’ve never been one to turn down a challenge and actually loose sleep at night chomping at the bit in anticipation. Understand this is what I’ve wanted since I was a little kid and how can something that feels so right be wrong?

As far as 2011 goes I plan to join in on a lot of tournaments and cash some needed checks as well as take on a lot of guide trips, when your planning a big move like we are additional money can never hurt. To be honest, I’m really looking forward to this season even though the tournament scene kinda took a downturn. I look at it as a good thing as it’ll give me more time to hang with my boys, do some fun fishing yet at the same time prepare for the road ahead.

On a another subject, I mentioned in a previous post that there is something big in the works coming soon for my main sponsor Biovex. It’s still a bit premature to throw out but I’m telling you I’m getting very excited. In March, Bri and I will be heading out west to southern California to attend the Fred Hall Fishing Show and do some fishing on SoCal’s jewel, Diamond Valley Lake. I’ll be meeting and fishing with the top dogs of Biovex who will be flying in from Japan. I assure you I’ll have much more information for you as soon as I get back.

All for now. Check back soon.

Wait, one more thing, another reason I’m excited to move, I just looked at the temperature outside here in Minneapolis and it’s sitting at a bone chilling temp of -12 degrees Fahrenheit and with the wind chill it’s supposed to be -30F. Where’s the Uhaul truck?

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