I’m Not a Ice Fisherman but I’m Still Catching ‘Em!

Most would assume that here in Minnesota die hard fisherman like myself resort to drilling holes holes in the ice to get our fix. If that’s your assumption I’m eager to inform you that you couldn’t be more wrong.

First off, I’m not a fisherman, I’m a die hard bass fisherman. I don’t have anything against ice fishing, but it’s just not for me. With that said, I still fish open water here in Minnesota all through the winter, you just got to know what your looking for.

So far this winter it’s been more catching than fishing and my last trip was as good as it’s been in years. On a recent trip with buddies Andy Young and Timmy Kuzy we put in work. Odd enough it was weird weather too. Never in my life have I fished in Minnesota and had it down pouring the entire time in the middle of the winter. This must have triggered the smallmouth cause it was one after another for hours. We caught some good ones too. I really think the rain helped aid us in our venture as well. It seemed the smallies had a bit more spunk than usual.

We used a few different tactics to catch them but in the end the tube was the magic ticket. I was disappointed because I forgot my swimbait rod at home and on my last trip I really had some good luck on the Huddleston Shad. On that trip my buddy Eric Aske also put in work on the 6 inch Huddleston if you can believe that? I promise you it’s true, they would just jack it up too, down their throats!

With the weather so brutally cold the next few days I don’t have much planned fishing wise besides sharpening up on my pitching skills around the house. Tomorrow I’ll be out at Warner’s Dock in New Richmond, WI for their open house. Mike Mcclelland and Dion Hibdon will be there doing seminars. Mcclelland is one of my favorite anglers and in my opinion he’s the best structure fisherman this country has to offer. If you don’t have anything going on stop out and check it out, they even feed you a free lunch.

All for now, check back soon and STAY WARM!

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