Happy Turkey Day!

Well there’s no denying it now, winter is right around the corner and the fishing around here has turned ugly, in fact I was skunked for the first time in a few years just a day ago. Actually lets keep it real, I was skunked twice in the past couple days. Water temps have dropped into the high 30’s and the overnight temps have been hitting single digits, everything is covered in snow and as of yesterday, all the lakes have officially froze over.

Sadly, I dropped off my boat to be winterized. Fortunately, I don’t expect it to stay that way long. I plan to head south several times this winter to continue to learn other bodies of water. Still though, it’s depressing dropping the boat off no matter how positive you try to look at it.

I’ve been keeping busy by upgrading some tackle and equipment as well as selling some rods and reels. I’ve also been closely considering which tournaments would fit me best next year. My not so long term goal is to start fishing the Bassmaster Opens and FLW American Series as a pro, though I plan to take 2011 to get ready for that. Looking at new trucks, working out stuff with my sponsors as well as taking one more year to get to know these national level fisheries, to give myself a running shot at making it at the higher level without to many setbacks. I’m already looking forward to the challenge that lies ahead, but sometimes the behind the scenes business is as important to ones success. It’s a commitment I’m more than willing to make, but I’d like to get as much of the odds in my favor as I possibly can. One things for sure, the heart’s in the right place.

Other than that, Bri and I are headed out to Colorado to visit my Dad for the holiday. He bought a bar in Idaho Springs last year and has been eagerly making changes and it’s finally finishing up. The name of the bar is “The Vintage Moose” and it sits a couple blocks away from my Step Mom’s store “The Wild Grape”. Bri and I both are overly thrilled to get out there and enjoy good drinks, great food and nothing but smiles over the weekend!

As soon as I get back though, I’m looking forward to take out my Minnesota Vikings aggression on some winter smallmouths! Seriously, it’s on!

Also, please check out my “Video” portion of the website, I put up a couple new ones. One is on deep water cranking with the Biovex Deep Runner for largemouths and the others on finesse fishing late fall smallies. Both are full of good lessons as well as some quality fish catching action!

Until then, everyone please have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving! Happy Turkey Day!!

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