Tackle Update: TroKar Hooks

Source: Matt Gray, Basszone

Lazer TroKar, the newest and sharpest fishhook on the market is cracking skulls, drawing blood, dominating the competition and battling it out…

Introducing the awe-inspiring line of Lazer TroKar fishhooks… for those who aren’t just out to catch fish, but are out to win. A hook with a point designed in the medical field, shapes perfected on the pro tour and manufactured with cutting edge technologies right here in the USA.

TroKar – The only hook using patented Surgically Sharpened Technology has produced the wickedest fishhook ever made….just ask their Senior VP who managed to embed one in his skull during testing, or Skeet Reese who actually drew blood the first time he handled them. Or maybe Shaw Grigsby, the honorable and venerable Godfather of bass fishing, who was as giddy as a schoolgirl on Christmas morning to get his hands on the first production of TroKar hooks.

The multi-faceted, freakishly sharp point on the TroKar fishhook is only the beginning. They used ultra clean, cold forged high-carbon steel to beef up this bad-boy. They tweaked the tempering process, amped up the wire diameter, perfected the barb profile and wound up with a gnarly instrument that will slice through a jugular. Go ahead, set the hook like you actually mean it. Feel the strength and confidence course through your veins as you realize you are now playing in the big leagues, with big boys and sharp toys.

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