Greetings from the Sunshine State, the Bass Capital of the World!

As I write this blog update, I’m currently sitting in a hotel room on the Macdill Airforce Base, in Tampa, FL. Bri and I are attending a good friends wedding down here and this past week has been a blast. Being that both of us used to live in the Tampa/St. Pete area a few years back we’ve been fortunate to be able to take some time and get around our old haunts and see old friends.

Our little get away started in Miami last weekend where we pretty much just relaxed and enjoyed the beach and some good food. On our way north towards Tampa we made a pit stop in the everglades were Bri and I got to ride on a air boat and check out the many alligators that inhibit the area. All I know is it was awesome and sometimes I wish I had a air boat to get around the river instead of a 20 foot Ranger.

We also made it a point to swing through Clewiston and more importantly, Lake Okeechobee. You probably already guessed it but I totally stocked up on some much needed, hard to find tackle at Roland Martin’s Marina.

From there we made it to Clearwater Beach, were we stayed in a hotel right on the water. Everything was nice and relaxing until I saw people catching fish in the tide. Saltwater fishing? Surely there’s no bass in the Gulf, but hey I’m game and the next thing you know Bri and I find ourselves at a local tackle shop purchasing a new rod and reel and everything needed to catch some inter coastal fish.

Thus far, it turned into one of the best times on our whole trip for the both of us! We loaded up on some live shrimp and lucky for us the tide was just starting to come in and the fishing was pretty good. We managed to catch some speckled sea trout and lady fish. Nothing gigantic but fun none the less. That day we also saw many sting rays, had tarpon blowing up all around us and even got up close and personal with a manatee. Not to mention our hunt for conch and crabs!

Now that we’re on the base and everyone’s getting ready for the big wedding, I find myself with not much to do. Bri’s off tonight at the bachelorette party, which gives me time to update my blog and the next couple days being that she is in the wedding party and will be busy, I have plans to go bass fishing! Since I have control of the rental car I’ll be pond hopping looking for 10 pounders, yes I said it and I mean it, 10 pounders! In fact, the groom gave me directions to a small golf course pond were his brother recently caught and released a 13 pound giant! Game on!!!

One thing I knew from my time living down here was that if a puddle has water in it, it also has a bass in it. Don’t ask me how they got there cause I have no idea and from everyone I’ve come across either do the locals, but they are and that’s all that matters. I feel a little naked in that I don’t have my regular arsenal of bass whacking equipment but I got myself a St. Croix Spinning rod, some 15 lb. Power Pro, a pack of 5/0 Gamakatsu SuperLine Hooks, some 5/16 oz. Tru Tungsten Worm Weights and a pack of 10″ Ribbon Tail Worms as well as a pack of 5″ Senko’s. I never met a bass anywhere that won’t eat those! Wish me luck!

As soon as I get back home I plan to write a recap of the 2010 bass season as well as some of my tentative plans for 2011. Until then it’s back to my much needed vacation after a long, hard battled tournament season.

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