Denny’s Super 30 Shootout

Lake Minnetonka, Wayzata, MN

Two for two! Corey, Ryan and myself again manage to make the Denny’s Super 30 Shootout this year and a bit more convincing than the year prior. Last year was our first year fishing the Denny’s and somehow made a late season push and snuck in the backdoor taking the final spot and rode that to a 3rd place finish in the Shootout. This year consistency was on our side and we rode it to a 9th place overall seeding. We never made it rain but we never got blown out either, in fact we were really only one fish out of the high end paychecks in all but maybe one tourney.

Hopefully this would be our time to shine and up for the task was Corey and myself. The bite had been tough in the days leading up to today though practice we managed enough good bites to think we were on them well enough.

Unfortunately for the two of us things started out slow and worse yet, it never really got better. I broke off on two that probably would have helped and did manage to catch a couple good ones but we never really got the bites we needed to even come close.

In the end, we finished in 12th place, a far cry from what was needed to win. By far Corey and I’s worse day on Tonka all year. Even if I could have a mulligan, I still don’t know what I would have done differently. Probably nothing. We were around good fish but sometimes things just don’t pan out. It’s frustrating but Tonka overall was very good to us this year and we’re really looking forward to our third year, we’re figuring this beast out and catching them all seasons. Hopefully we can notch our first Denny’s win in 2011!

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