Tackle Update: New Baits from Biovex

As an aficionado of well made, high end tackle, I pay attention to detail when I see new baits hit the market. I’m not always convinced of the baits that hit the mainstream, in fact there has got to be something that attracts me to the bait. This is why I’m so excited about some of the new products that have been released by one of Japan’s industry leaders, Biovex.

First off, I’d like to introduce the new Biovex Amp Wake, a top of the line wakebait that has a sick action when pulled across the top of the water. Sure the bait is appealing to the eye, but it’s the aggressive action that the bait omits just under the surface that’s the real appeal. This Wake has been a staple for me from the postspawn through the end of Fall. It’s a big fish bait that provides big time action.

Next is the Biovex Amp Stay 80SP, a suspending jerkbait that is the perfect size and action for any bass whether it be spotted, smallmouth or largemouth. I’ve had the best luck with this bait catching cold water smallmouth bass. The Stay 80SP, is a non intimidating bait that hovers in place yet imparts an erratic action when worked appropriately or can be fished with a mellow retrieve when the bite is really tough. Again the size of the 80SP is perfect in my eyes at seducing wary fish.

Last but not least, is the Biovex Amp Deep Runner, a deep running crankbait that has a tight wiggle, is realistic as can be and runs to deep depths. I’ve always been a HUGE fan of the Biovex Midrunner and this is that bait on steroids! On light line this bait will easily hit 15 feet and hits it quick. It’s big lip ricochets off cover with perfection and the size off the bait is very appetizing for large bass. I just got a box of these in the mail and already have been using these as a one, two punch with a football jig to entice deep largemouths. The Deep Runner is already a staple in my tackle box.

I’m very lucky to be sponsored by Biovex as their baits are not yet available to the U.S. market. I’ve been hearing some rumors from the Biovex camp that there may be a big announcement coming some time in the future. That’s exciting news considering I’ve been working with them on designing some new baits that I know are going to be a huge hit. Keep checking in.

I’m also proud to say that both Bri and I have been involved in some of the marketing for the company over in Japan. Here’s an ad from one of Japan’s largest bass magazine’s, Rod and Reel magazine.

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