Tackle Update: G Loomis Introduces the NRX!

G Loomis, what’s there to say? They’ve built a much deserving title as the best rod makers on the market. They set the bar higher and higher with every new development they create. It’s truly legendary, in fact since I was a little kid I used to dream about the day I’d own my own Loomis. I can remember in my very early 20’s when I moved to Florida I started to really get back into bass fishing and I’d go to the local tackle stores and just hold them. I definitely wasn’t in the position financially to be able to actually obtain one, but there was no denying my desire. That desire still runs through me to this very day, six years later and fishing for a money and still G Loomis is the cream of the crop in my eye. They’re who I trust to do work on the water. I don’t have a business relation, in fact I’ve pushed away the opportunity to fish others manufacturers rods for free. Sounds crazy but I guess it’s safe to say that admiration I had when I was just a kid still runs through me today.

If you look in my rod locker right now you’d see close to 20 rods mostly made up of their IMX and GLX series, with a few specialty rods thrown in like their Crankbait and Spinnerbait Series. Not to mention my new rod that’s on order, the Swimbait Series, which shouldn’t come as a surprise given my enthusiasm in my last blog entry.

There’s been a lot of changes recently in the fishing rod market. New companies are emerging from the woodwork all offering high end rods with newer technology and non traditional components still marked around that same price point. G Loomis on the other hand has been sitting back, quietly developing and taking their time perfecting. The outcome is a much astonishing 5 category awards at the 2010 ICAST Show, including the coveted “Best of Show” award for their newest introduction to the bass fishing world, the NRX Series. Move over GLX, a new king has come to claim the throne.

The NRX which is 15 percent lighter, 20 percent stronger and more sensitive than the GLX also offers a few new features such as split cork handles and what I find most intriguing is the use of two different kinds of eyelets. The bottom of the rod makes use of Fugi titanium framed SIC guides, while the top of the rod incorporates the Recoil ion coated nickel – titanium guides, now introduced as the ‘Hybrid Guide System’.

Another key feature that I love is the new ‘skeletonized’ reel seat, where your fingers will never leave the actual rod blank.

Though the G Loomis GLX in my opinion was still the best rod built on the market, even with all sorts of rod building companies taking their jabs at it, it’s really only fitting that’s it’s maker is the one to take it’s title.

Again understand, I don’t have any kind of business relationship with G Loomis or Shimano, these are just the companies I choose to use. I take fishing very very seriously and these are the brands that give me my added confidence. That’s something any other rod manufacturer can’t give me and that’s why G Loomis gets the edge. Like I said in the beginning, they’re simply legendary.

Check in with Capra’s Outdoors as I hear they’ll be one of the first to receive the first shipments.

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