Back to the Basics

With over a month between tournaments I find myself with some time to really sit back and enjoy some summer fishing as well as take the time to learn some new tricks. I haven’t had this much time between tournaments before and have to say it’s refreshing. Usually between June and July it’s go, go, go, and it’s hard to find the time to learn new tactics and get out and do some fun fishing. Usually I have to adapt and learn on the fly but lately I’ve been taking the time to get out and find new water and learn new ways to up my arsenal.

I’ve also been working on the Ranger. A few days ago while up at Lake Minnewaska, the stage for the next Silverado Tournament, my bilge pump went out, perfect timing, I have time to get a new one in. I also been rerigging a few things on the boat making it more efficient on the water. One is moving my Lowrance GPS puck from the rear of the boat to the front. I was having all sorts of small issues while fishing that were caused by my puck being in the back. It was much harder to find my tracking when my location is 20 feet behind my actual location. Now I can tell a huge difference and my tracking is much much better. Now I’m going to be moving my Humminbird GPS puck to the rear, since I mainly only use the “Bird” for Side Imaging I want the puck to be as close to the transducer as possible.

I’ve also been going through and organizing my tackle, something that gets completely disorganized while on the road tournament fishing. This is also nice because not only is everything clean and organized but I can easily tell what is low and make sure I get in an order with Dean at Capra Outdoors. There’s nothing worse than good fish biting on a certain bait and I’m all out or only have a couple in the boat.

** Me with a Minnewaska 8 lb. walleye, not what I was looking for, thought it was going to be a big ole bass.

Back to Lake Minnewaska, I’ve been setting aside a lot of time to getting out there and putting in some hard work. I find myself on the outside looking in after the first Silverado stop back in June and with the next stop in a few weeks at Minnewaska, I have a big obstacle to conquer. Last year I did horrible on Minnewaska and this year I’m going with the practice makes perfect mind set, in other words I want to go from geek to sheik or better yet from zero to hero.

I was able to get out there Thursday and Friday and put in some hard work and on the drive home had a much better idea and overall attitude of the lake. After a slow start on Thursday the winds finally let down for a while late in the afternoon and I was able to find some pretty good fish and possibly even establish a pretty defined pattern. Honestly this far out from the tournament that could mean nothing but no matter what it gave me a very confident attitude and I know when I’m confident I’m a tough fisherman to beat. So much of competitive fishing comes down to attitude, you gotta believe and by putting in my time I’ll believe that I did everything I could to prepare. That’s really all I can ask for.

This week I’ll be heading out to Minnewaska again for a couple days and then getting back to fish Minnetonka for the weekend. We got a Denny’s Super 30 tourney out there the following Monday and it’s Ryan and Corey turn at bat. Hopefully with all us three out there putting in a tough practice we’ll be on good fish and be able to keep our top 12 seating in the team of the year race.

Happy Independence Day! Please have a fun and safe holiday!!!

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