Throwing Frogs with my Good Buddy Parker!

What an awesome change of pace, today I took the morning off of tournament practice to hit one of my favorite little lakes with my good buddy Parker! It may sound a bit odd to hear, in fact I never thought I’d say this in the past, I am so lucky to be able to fish as much as I do, though with that said, it’s work. It takes a different breed to devote this much time into chasing around little green fish. Getting up at 4 am every morning no matter if it’s 80 and sunny or 35 and sleeting, it takes extreme love for the sport. I grew this obsession for bass fishing when I was just a kid and owe some pretty key individuals for introducing me to what I’d grow to covet more than almost anything else life has to offer.

Anyone whom knows me can easily attest that I love to compete but with any competition comes stress, anxiety and both a physical and a mental toll. I’ve come to really cherish any opportunity I can get to get away from the rigors of tournament fishing and be able to go out and just go fishing with friends and family, there’s really nothing better.

This trip I got to get out with my 6th grade buddy Parker who is already a little outdoor veteran. An active waterfowl hunter, fisherman and a great shot with a bow and arrow, carp beware!

I picked him up at his dock at 6 am sharp and first things first we had a much needed baitcasting lesson. I’ve never seen anyone pick it up so fast! Before I knew it he was throwing a topwater frog across the pads like he’d been doing it for years and could even pick out his own backlashes.

Fishing was slow for us but we still managed to boat a couple and Parker landed the very first bass that pasted his frog. I felt the boat rock when he set the hook not to mention he caught the biggest bass of the day. Who’s the pro now?

I’m lucky to have a buddy like Parker to go fishing with, though I might want to be careful, I think he’s going to be beating all of us in no time! Keep up the good work Parker!

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