Denny’s Super 30

Lake Minnetonka, Wayzata, MN

Man have I been busy! Sorry about the length in my last post but I’ve been fishing from sun up to sun down almost everyday! I have two big tournaments back to back on Lake Minnetonka, the first event of the Denny’s Super 30 and the Minnetonka Classic. Usually I would feel comfortable with only a day or two of solid practice on Minnetonka as I know the lake better than any other, though historically I don’t fish out here in the Spring. I’m not really sure why, this is my fourth year of competitive fishing and prior to this year I’ve only been on the lake once before late June.

I really excel on Tonka in the summer and fall but my three man team of myself, Ryan and Corey Brant decided two switch things up this year. Usually Ryan and Corey fish the first one since a couple years back they sacked them up nice and cashed a paycheck right away in the season, though last year they struggled a bit and we all had to work like crazy throughout the rest of the year to make the Shoot Out.

This year it was Ryan and I that got the nod to start things out and I can easily admit it was a very humbling practice. We manage to catch a couple decent fish but when we’d return the next day they’d all be long gone. The fish were scattered and I was catching them out of anywhere from 1 foot to 16, patterning them was tough and honestly if it wasn’t for a spot that Corey found while practicing it may have taken us even longer to start to pattern good fish.

As you know, I’m always real hesitant to get into details on how we caught them on Minnetonka as I have a half dozen other big events there this season and I have two other team partners to always be thinking about. To be vague, we moved a lot of water and unfortunately fished the good with the bad. Ryan and I filled a limit rather quickly but nothing that made us feel confident and we continued to slowly cull fish after fish. Of course it wouldn’t be a Tonka tournament without us dropping one or two toads that would have really excelled us up the leader board, but I’m sure it happens to everyone. Minnetonka is known as a power fisherman’s lake, one big reason Ryan and I seem to finish strong there, though finesse was our dominate pattern. Corey is definitely rock solid in the finesse department and if not for some of his advice we may never had done what we did.

In the end we weighed in at 20.3 lbs. just good enough for a solid 14th place. We landed just outside the money but in the end we got what we were after, we’re high in the points after the first tourney and have a lot of confidence going forward! In fact, I can’t wait for Tonka to change over in the next couple weeks! I love it!!

Up next is the Minnetonka Classic, another event that I’ve never fished before and after that it’s off to Le Homme Dieu for the first stop of the Silverado Pro Tour! See you on the water!

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