Tackle Update: Navionics

With the MN Sport Show rolling in for their annual visit, I got to man the Navionics booth for the past three days and educate all the fisherman on the advantages of using these lake map cards to hunt trophy fish on their favorite bodies of water. Sure, most people understand the importance of why it’s necessary to use some sort of mapping chip for their sonar and GPS units, I want them to understand why Navionics is leading the way.

For those that don’t know, Navionics Hot Maps are small media cards that provide in depth lake mapping for your favorite GPS units. They have thousands of lakes per region within six regions, North, East, South, West, Canada and the Great Lakes (Fish N’ Chips). These maps are loaded with detail providing structures, reefs, drop-offs, vegetation in contour lines up to 1 foot, not to mention navigational aids like hazards, lock and dams, channel markers, boat ramps and wing dams.

The obvious reason that Navionics is the first choice for any serious angler is that each chip is arranged by region, not just by state. They have by far the biggest assortment of lakes on each chip, for instance the North chip is made up of all of MN, WI, MI, ND, SD, IA and even a small part of Canada, including all the major border lakes like Rainy and Lake of the Woods. This is by far your biggest bang for your buck.

Another reason I choose Navionics is because how simple it is to navigate a body of water without any confusion. Each map shows depth in both numbers and colors, so when traveling at high speeds I can easily tell where I need to be without running risk of damaging my prop or lower unit. This is a must for any tournament fisherman.

Another “must have” from Navionics is their new iPhone application. This app, which is marked at under ten dollars, offers everything that the chip does and turns your iPhone into a hand held GPS, capable of navigating any body of water. It’s a no brainer at under ten bucks! Click here to download to your iPhone.

All for now, with the extended forecast in the 60’s and 70’s and the ice finally giving way on our Minnesota lakes I can finally say, see you on the water!!

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