Pimp my Ride

At last, Spring is officially here! Up here in the Northern US it doesn’t exactly feel like Spring but I’m not complaining either. In fact, it could be much worse. We haven’t seen snow fall at all in March and the extended forecast looks as if we won’t see any in the future either, at least not till next winter. The average high this month has been in the high 40’s with some high’s floating near the mid 60’s. The negative though is that the temp is well warm enough to be fishing but the lakes and rivers are still unfishable because the ice hasn’t given way yet. Though we are days away in some areas and I’m thinking by Easter most all the lakes in southern Minnesota and around the Twin Cities will be good to go.

Since I haven’t been able to wet a line since returning home from Falcon, I’ve been curing my fever by getting my ride ready for a full season of hardcore tournament fishing. Last weekend I spent down at my buddy Brent Haimes place, rigging my new Humminbird 998 as well as remounting my three Lowrance units. I’m very excited about my new setup, It’ll change the way I practice in that I will be way more efficient with my time. Time is money and this is an advantage that I no longer could afford to ignore.

Another added feature that we installed was a LGC-4000 GPS Receiver Antenna to replace the older LGC-3000 puck. The advantage of the 4000 is that it communicates with it’s satellites 5 times per second as opposed to 1 time per second with the 3000, this will definitely give my Lowrance Units a extra boost and assist in navigating backwater as well as zeroing in on my waypoints, plus it gives me a better overall GPS connection.

I also took care of some much needed maintenance by going over all my electronic connections and cleaning them as well as greasing them with dialectic grease, assuring a good connection. I put on a brand new shiny prop, with the intention of keeping it that way. Mind you that I use the word “intention”, there’s no guarantee with me, ask my beautiful wife Bri, she’ll easily attest to that.

After all that I pulled the Ranger out and gave her a good bath as well as put in an order for a new seat skin. The boat looks great, all winter it was over at Bottom’s Up Repair, getting any and every blemish in the fiberglass repaired and anyone who knows will easily back me when I say there’s no one better at fiberglass work than Jim at Bottom’s Up. I mean that, he matched the glitter perfectly.

Now that I got everything taken care of with my money maker, it’s time to focus on the fishing. I leave in a few weeks for a Bassmaster Weekend Series tournament down on Grand Lake, in northeastern Oklahoma. I do have some experience on this body of water and am really looking forward to catching some good fish and hopefully cashing a much needed paycheck right away to start the season. Then once back home, I’ll be spending all my free time down on pools 4 and 5 of the Mississippi preparing for the St. Jude Bass Classic. I’m glad I’ll be able to fish this event again this year, it’s an awesome fishery against an awesome class of fisherman and best yet it’s for a even better cause. If you have any desire at all to donate money to a fantastic cause, please contact me either by email, josh@joshdouglasfishing.com or on my cell at 952-412-8088.

I’ll also be working the Navionics booth at the annual Northwest Sport Show this weekend. I’ll be working mostly nights, so if you have nothing going on, come down and enjoy the show and be sure to drop by the Navionics booth and say hi!

Summer is around the corner, be sure to follow the ice out report for your favorite body of water by following this link.

Happy Spring!

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