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If you know me well, you probably know my take on politics. For those that don’t, let me give you the very quick run down. I don’t side completely with any one party, in fact, I think it’s a bit irrational to 100% completely agree with any one side. If you can’t find at least one thing on each side to agree with than I think people are being a bit biased. This is one reason I never talk politics on my site, however, now I find myself making the exception. Please understand that I am not supporting any one party but instead supporting a candidate that I know can represent Minnesota well and be the voice we need in that position.

Peter Perovich, who I’ve come to know through the Minnesota B.A.S.S. Federation, where he does an excellent job of heading the board of directors as president. Peter’s values and beliefs when it comes to the environment are what first caught my attention. When I learned that Peter was running for a seat in the Minnesota Senate, I couldn’t have been more thrilled. We as bass fisherman and outdoor enthusiasts need someone who can hear our concerns and actually care to do something about them. That’s when I started looking deeper into his campaign and found that some of my values, especially when it comes to the sport of fishing, aligned on the same side. Below I’ve pasted a article from his campaign.

Peter Perovich, a life-long resident of Anoka County, has announced his candidacy for the Minnesota State Senate, District 48. Perovich, who is seeking DFL endorsement, is a first-time political candidate who is running to give local communities a more proactive voice in state government.

“I want to work on the quality-of-life issues that I believe will strengthen our communities today and in the years to come, and that currently are receiving less-than-ideal attention and support in the State Legislature,” Perovich said.

He cited concerns with current funding and support for education, healthcare, and environmental protection as key to his decision to seek DFL endorsement, calling it “the party that most closely aligns with my positions.”

“As a citizen and as a father, I believe these are the areas government can impact for the betterment of society and also where it has a responsibility to be involved in order to protect the interests of those without a voice or monetary resources to protect themselves,” Perovich explained. He said his orientation on social issues was directly impacted by growing up in the small town-turned suburb of Anoka, which he credited with having had a strong sense of community and shared purpose.

In the years that followed, Perovich said his career as a realtor and mortgage banker gave broader insight into the challenges many families face every day as they work to secure their futures. “As a state senator, I would be committed to representing the interests of every resident in District 48 and to uniting diverse interests for the greater good,” he added.

Perovich became interested in elected office while working in support of Minnesota fishing and environmental protection. He serves on the Department of Natural Resources’ Citizens Budget Oversight Committee (BOC), Fisheries Division—a position appointed by the DNR Commissioner

In addition, he serves on the DNR’s Bass Advisory Committee and Tournament Organizers Advisory Board and, in 2009, was the lead speaker for the Annual DNR Stakeholders Roundtable.

Perovich also holds leadership positions in statewide fishing organizations. He is treasurer of the executive board of Anglers for Habitat. And, after serving as the state director and second vice president of the Board of Directors of the Minnesota Bass Federation, was elected this past December as president of the organization, which represents more than 500 angler’s state wide.

“I look forward to extending my civic activities to public office and anticipate a grassroots campaign that will elevate the interests of citizens throughout our local communities,” Perovich said, adding that he wants to give voice to the issues area citizens feel demand more attention in the public arena.

Perovich resides in Ramsey with his wife, Sally, and their four school-age children.

For more information, contact: Peter Perovich, 763-421-3689 or email him at

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