Vamos Pesca de la Lubina en el Lago Falcon!

Yeah, that’s right! If your not up to date on your espanol than I’m sure you’ll understand this, We’re going bass fishing on Lake Falcon! The mecca of giant 10+ pound largemouths located on the Texas and Mexico border.

In a few weeks, myself and two buddies will be making the long 23 hour haul from ice covered Minnesota all the way to the border for what could set up to be some of the best fishing any of us have ever experienced.
Lake Falcon is the hottest lake in the world right now for the chance of catching true lunker bass and numbers of them as well. Every tournament held there seems to break records and if your not holding a 30 pound bag every day of competition than you ain’t cashing many checks. I mean a 40 to 50 pound bag is a definite possibility. It’s crazy, but it’s true! I just got done watching this video on YouTube of a guy catching donkey after donkey and when he was done his best five tipped the scales at more than 56 pounds! Could you imagine if he did that four days in a row? He’d have a four day total of over 200 pounds!!??

My only goal for this trip is to catch a 10+ pounder. My personal record is 7 lbs. 14 oz, caught last April on Grand Lake, in Oklahoma. My previous big bass was 7 lbs. 6 oz. caught in Northern Minnesota which my Dad had gotten a replica made for me. I’ve always said since that I wouldn’t get another replica until I caught a 6 pound smallmouth or a 10 pound largemouth and I’m hoping this trip is the one that yields that award.
Mid to late February on Lake Falcon is a great time in that we should see all three stages of the spawn, the pre spawn, spawn and post spawn. During this time, large females are up and moving making them a easier target for a self proclaimed “trophy hunter” like myself.
I decided I am going to make the most of this trip by adopting the “don’t bring a knife to a gun fight” type of attitude. I’m throwing big baits for big fish, something I don’t get the chance to do everyday living in Minnesota. I’m stocking up on baits like the Weedless Huddleston and the Tru Tungsten Tru Life Swimbaits, heavy 1 oz. Super K Plunking Jigs and plenty of large 1 oz. Biovex Stangun Spinnerbaits. I’ll also have plenty of 20 pound Gamma Edge Fluorocarbon as well as a few spools of 65 lb. Power Pro Braid to handle all the flooded trees that Falcon is known for. The last thing I need is to hook into a fish of a lifetime and then break it off.
With all this I’ve also been preparing for next season. I’m especially anxious for my trip to Oklahoma’s Grand lake where I’ll be competing in the Bassmaster Weekend Series. Grand is an excellent fishery and I’ve managed to do well there in the past. My Dad is also driving out from the Rocky Mountains to join me in practice and then he plans to compete on the am side. I’ve never visited a lake that fishes to my strengths as well as Grand, it’s a jig fisherman’s dream!
I also put in my order for a new Hummingbird 998 SI Combo, to compliment my two Lowrance Units. There’s no doubt the addition of side imaging to the fishing world has some serious advantages. I plan to be out on my favorite lakes the day the ice breaks getting accustomed to all that the Hummingbird has to offer. I’ll be able to accomplish so much more during my practices and I’m hoping better practices will help get me a spot this year at the Silverado Championship, held on good ole’ Lake Minnetonka. Last season I felt I struggled a bit in a couple tournaments and the difference between cashing a check and getting a early start on your ride home, was done in the few days leading up to the event. Tournament day should simply be execution.

All for now, stay warm!

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