Record Breaking Christmas from Minnesota!

It’s almost unbelievable how quickly things can change. My original plan for Christmas Eve was set to be a perfect one. I was going to be headed to one of my favorite winter fishing holes to tug on some brute smallmouths before heading out to spend the rest of the time with my entire family. Thank mother nature for ruining my plans. Now I’ll be trading a G Loomis for a snow shovel and instead of excersizing smallies, I’ll be the one getting the workout by shoveling up to a foot of snow from a blizzard that is set to break a 65 year old record in our region. Though disappointed, I do take some satisfaction in that our lakes are low and I was hoping for a lot of snow this winter to help fill them back up. I wasn’t expecting it all to come at the same time though!

I did get out last Friday and thumped the smallies once again. Joining me where my good friends Rich Lindgren and Ryan Brant. The bite was consistent though there where no giants caught the overall size and numbers where good. I did manage a couple that where trying desperately to push the four pound mark, maybe in another month or so they’ll be there.

Well I’m off to make sure the snow blower is locked and loaded. I want to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday! Merry Christmas!

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