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My excitement level is already through the roof with the upcoming 2010 tournament season. First off, I’m ecstatic about my new relationship with one of the most influential tackle developers to date, Tru Tungsten and the rest of Fish Harder Companies. Included under the Fish Harder umbrella is not only the leading developer in tungsten made tackle in Tru Tungsten, but also well known companies, Picasso and Mihatchii. I have depended on a endless number of products from all these companies for years now, so to actually represent them out on the water is a feat all in it’s own. I seriously can’t say enough about what Fish harder has done for our sport, knowing I’ll be using their products gives me a distinct advantage over the competition. What more could you ask for?

I’m also very pleased to announce that Josh Douglas Fishing, is now equipped for video. Recently I have been a guest for a couple episodes for “All About Bass” with Rich Lindgren. I’ve added our first episode which was shot over the 2009 MN Bass Opener and soon will be uploading the newest episode in which Rich and I head out for some early winter smallies.

This upcoming year I’m planning on adding a new “how to” style of episodes, little 6-10 minute shows where I’ll be showing off the baits and teaching the techniques that have proven successful for me.

Well on another note I finally managed to get out and do some much needed smallie fishing. The temp never broke 20 degrees but the fish still managed to cooperate. With the cold snap that took over our region it definitely put the bass in a funk and it took some patient finessing to get them to bite. I managed to catch most of my good fish on a 3″ Yum Tube (Green Pumpkin) with a 1/8 oz. Kalin’s Tube Jig Head, and 8 lb. Gamma Edge Fluorocarbon. I also got to break in a new rod and am more than impressed with the outcome. The G Loomis Bronzeback GLX spinning rod (SMR822S-SP-GLX) may be the best smallie rod on the market. With a fast yet sensitive tip and a powerful mid section, this rod offers all the advantages one could ask for and is surely worth every penny. The reel was a Shimano Sustain 2500. When I found myself around thick cover I would change to a Strike King Coffee Tube (Green Pumpkin) and a 1/8 oz. Tru Tungsten Ikey Head Jig, with 8 lb. Gamma Edge Fluorcarbon. For this I went with a bit heavier action rod in the G Loomis GLX (BSR852) and again had it equipped with a Shimano Sustain 2500 Spinning Reel. Check back soon to the “Video” portion of this site to view all the action from that day on the water.

Stay Warm!

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