To My Loving Family

With the tournament season starting to wrap up for the year, I think back to all the ups and downs I’ve had throughout the past seven months. Some where real good and others not so good, either way they where all worth it. The bad times gave me something to learn from and made the high notes all the better.

Through these times though I’ve been extremely fortunate to have someone with me every step of the way, my lovely wife Bri. Baby, I cannot begin to express how much you mean to me and I know that I couldn’t do any of this without you. You have turned my goals into our goals and continue to push me to higher levels.

Since I was a little kid all I’ve wanted to be when I grow up is a professional bass fisherman. I want this more than anything I could ever imagine. I’m 29 years old now and am getting ready to make an even harder push at accomplishing these goals. Long days on the water, away at nights for tournaments, financial commitments, and through all these you are right there standing next to me, pushing me and believing in me every step of the way.

Bri, I know in my heart the level of committment you bring to our family and every time I’m on the water, every cast I make, I’ll be pushing to accomplish these goals we’ve made for us. I blog about myself and my career all the time, this one’s for you. Thank you.

I love you,


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