Japan to Hold New World Record Honors?

I’ve waited a few weeks to post about this topic but as more time goes by it seems all things are legit and George Perry’s tanker 22.4 lb. largemouth bass that held the world record for the past 77 years is on the verge of being trumped. Manabu Kurita, 32, has reportedly caught a reported 22.5 lb. largemouth from Lake Biwa in the Shiga Prefecture of Japan.

Early reports where that Kurita caught the giant early afternoon on July 2nd using livebait, a species similar to a bluegill. The Deps pro also caught a 18 lb. largie a few years back on a swimbait.

Lake Biwa, the largest lake in all of Japan, is known for it’s beauty and and it’s depth, bottoming out at a gnarly 300 feet. Despite all the giant bass that Biwa holds, Japanese officials have been working to oust largemouth bass from the lake, trying to eliminate all invasive (non native) species from the lake. Even the Lake Biwa Museum Restaraunt serves black bass on it’s menu.

With Japan leading the way in the bass tackle industry, it seems fitting that they may now hold the big bass honors. Although with all the giants coming out of California in the past decade, I feel it won’t be long until the record gets toppled once again.

Congratulations to Manabu Kurita and his awesome catch. In my humble opinion it’s by far the most prestigious record to hold in all the world.

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