Tackle Update: Gearing Up for the 2009 Tournament Season – Part 1

With the start to the upcoming tournament season right around the corner, I have been staying real busy preparing tackle and stocking up on the baits and equipment I know will be needed through out the year. I’ve been going through all my hard baits and cutting off any old line as well as checking hooks and replacing the ones that are needed. I’m also cleaning all my reels and lubricating them to assure they will perform as well as they did the day they came out of their box. Shimano makes great reels that last forever but a little love assures better performance. I also check all my rods especially the guides for any issues. A broken guide will cost not only a tournament angler precious money, but can cost any fisherman the fish of a lifetime.

As I wrote in my last post, I also have been starting to get my boat ready. First on my list was to add a Loc-R-Bar. These are one of those things you’ll wish you had but probably won’t realize it until the day you walk out of your hotel room and find all the tackle and equipment you have spent a lifetime to put together is gone. I have been very fortunate to not have this happen to me, but after walking out to a smashed window on my Suburban and finding my briefcase missing along with a digital camera and some Navionics chips, I decided to do everything in my power to prevent that from happening to my boat. Sure everything is insured but not everything is replaceable, and I have no problem dropping $300 dollars on a rod the least I can do is spend a hundred or two and get a Loc-R-Bar installed. It’s an extra insurance policy that also could save the headache of missing a big tourney because I don’t have anything to catch fish with!

Gamma FishingTackle is a necessary part of the game but some things are far more necessary than others. One of those necessary things is fishing line and I make sure to stock up plenty of it. I would guess that I use fluorocarbon 90% of the time and one of my favorite brands is Gamma. It can run a few dollars more than some of it’s competitors, but I feel like it’s well worth the money. I have played around with a lot of different brands but Gamma is one that always prevails in both sensitivity and strength. It doesn’t break and handles awesome. One way to cut down on the cost is to look into buying bulk spools. Line is the one things you know you’ll always need so it shouldn’t be to hard to buy in bulk, and buying a 1000 yard spool knocks a couple bucks off what you would spend on a smaller spool off the shelf.

That’s all for now. Be sure to check back later for part two of this entry where I’ll show off some of the newest and hottest baits to hit the market, as well as proven must have baits for any serious bass anglers tackle box.

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