Life Can Deal Some Pretty Tough Blows

KairoIt’s been a little while since my last entry, due to the lack of fishing. My wife Bri and I, were delivered some horrible news that our four year old rottweiler Kairo has what vets believe to be a type of cancer called lymphoma. It’s never easy hearing news like that, especially since there is not many options available for him. Kairo, aka Big Rig, aka Haus, aka Kill, aka Podgers, is truly my best friend and I’m going to cherish every opportunity I can with him. I opted out of a couple of club tournaments that was on Pokegama Lake, instead making plans to take the family up to the cabin for a long week of fun, fishing, and relaxation.

It’s not all relaxation though, I will also be heading up to compete in the fourth stop of the BASSMASTER Weekend Series Tournament, held on Lake Vermillion. I have every intention of doing real well there. Currently I’m sitting in 3rd place for the Angler of the Year race in the Pro Division and a strong finish on Vermillion would be huge, because the final stop will be on my home waters, Lake Minnetonka.

This morning I was able to get out to “Tonka” for a few hours early in the morning. The fish were scattered but still very catchable. No big ones, but still caught a dozen or so of solid two’s and three’s. In the last week, the only on water time I’ve had was doing guide trips so it was nice to get out there and take my mind of things for just a little while. Nothing like taking out some anger by exercising the bass.

Well that’s all for now. I’ll give a full report of Lake Vermillion and all the smallmouth action when I get back. I also have some real big tourneys coming up, like the B.A.S.S. Federation Tournament of Champions, the BASSMASTER Weekend Series State Championship, the BASSMASTER Regional Championship, on Kentucky Lake, KY., and hopefully the BASSMASTER National Championship, in NC. Wish me luck and please say a prayer for Kairo.

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