Tackle Update: Amp Lures

Since the weather is so brutally cold around here. 0 degrees. I think that says enough. I thought it is time to add a tackle update to the blog. Today I received some new crankbaits by Amp Lures in the mail that I am very excited to try. Japan born, Texas based Amp Lures is new to the US. Although don’t let that fool you, they have been around for a long time. Known as Biovex in Japan, they have been steadily taking over the market, putting out quality baits at reasonable prices. Part of their success is due to Katsushi Umeda, who is responsible for the designs of many of their high end baits. BASSWEST USA recently ran an article on the Amp Lures, Midshooter, a medium diving crankbait, that runs 5 – 8 feet deep. They are quoted in saying, ” Their colors are amazing in that many of them have a translucent external color and inner color”. They also go on to say, “In field testing the baits ran true right out of the packaging and are sure to catch fish.”, and “In a few hours on Clear Lake in September, we were able to catch 5 fish on 5 consecutive casts on the midshooter.”

Amp Lures Midshooter Amp Lures Pop Amp Lures Musashi Spinnerbait
**From left to right: Amp Lures Midshooter, Pop, and Musashi Spinnerbait.

I received both their Midshooter and their Shallow Runner. The colors are great and the quality is next to none. I am soon putting in a order for their Pop, Musashi Spinnerbait, and their Heavy Hitter. Not to mention, I am also very excited to hear that they are adding a deep diving plug to their already fantastic line of baits. Rumor has it that it will dive to 30 feet! Smallmouths beware! For more information go to http://www.amplures.com/ Please keep in mind that the website is still under construction. Amp is working very quickly to get it all put together. Check it out, it’s a pretty sweet site!

Hopefully this cold weather will move out of here and I can get to lipping some smallmouths. It isn’t that bad though. I can watch the NFL playoffs from the comfort of my warm house, to bad for the Giants and Packers though. I hear it will be below 0 at kickoff time. Until next time, Happy Fishing!!

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