You’d Have to be Crazy.. or Just Crazy about Fishing

After a day like yesterday, how could anybody not want to go out and do it again. Although it wasn’t the easiest thing to do. Rich Lindgren and I had decided that we just had to sneak back to the old honey hole. The problem was that Rich couldn’t get out of work until about 3pm in the afternoon and we would have to be at a fellow Gopher Bassmasters house by 6:15 for our monthly club meeting. That’s not all. It would also take us about an hour to get there, and we expected it to be dark by 5:30. So as you can see we would have to be nuts to drive all that way just to fish for about and hour and a half, and then fight rush hour traffic all the back to our meeting.

So we were fishing by about 4 o’clock. Oddly things actually started real slow. After about 45 minutes Rich had 5 and I only had 3. Although my second fish ended up being the biggest of the day, roughly 3 pounds. After struggling for the first hour we opted to check out another area that I had fished a few years back. It was a relatively shallow area, but it offered a main boat ramp that I knew got pretty deep all around it. I figured if we fished the rocks around the ramp we should be able to get a couple nice ones, and at least try to hit double digits. With only about a half hour to fish I caught a couple real quick. There was no time for screwing around now with the tally favoring Rich. I had started throwing a Jackall Flick Shake worm, 5.8″(green pumpkin), with a 1/8 oz. Zappu Inch-Wacky jig rigged wacky style. That only got one little bite in the first 20 minutes I threw it. I opted to switch back to my bread and butter, a 3.5″ Strike King Coffee Tube(green pumpkin), with a 1/8 oz. Kalin’s tube jig. Rich and I switched off catching one here and there, and with the sun nicely tucked away we both agreed since we were tied at 10 apiece we would make one last cast. Rich brought his tube back in unsuccessfully, as he was packing up his gear I set the hook on a nice 2 lb. smallie. You would never believe what happened next. Rich, I mean “Luke Clausen”, came running over and grabbed my line and rod, all while I was fighting the fish. He kept screaming “Ultimate Match Fishing Style!!” I attempted to get to the fish right as he spit the tube from his mouth. WOW!! But hey, fair is fair. I should have seen that one coming. I mean I know I probably would have attempted the same thing had the role been reversed. The good thing for me is that now I owe Rich one. I hope for his sake I am not around when he has a whopper on the end of his line.

The tally ended at 10 apiece. Not bad at all for an hour and a half of fishing. We made it to the meeting and even had extra time to stop by Taco Bell. At today’s club meeting we decided dates and locations for our 2008 Gopher Bassmasters tournament schedule. I will be sure to post those upcoming events very soon.

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