The Best Christmas Present Ever – I Got to Go Fishing!!!

Today the weather was cold but good enough for me. Matt and I got to our stretch of river at about 1:00 in the afternoon. It was cold and snowing a little. The temp was 23 degrees but there wasn’t much for wind. We trampled through about two feet of snow until we got to our favorite spot. On my very first cast I caught my biggest of the day, a 4 pound smallmouth. I caught her on a YUM 3″ tube (green pumpkin). I casted out to a underwater rock pile that always has fish on it. As soon as the tube hit the bottom my rod almost fell out of my hands. That’s how bad the fish wanted it. It was on from there. The smallmouth action was pretty intense. We didn’t catch a crazy number of them but definitely the size was there. Matt even caught two walleyes, one was his personal best, 6 lbs!! Both the walleyes bit on a 3″ YUM tube (green pumpkin) as well.

As the afternoon wore on the fishing seemed to slow down a bit. The stretch of river is very rocky so snags are extremely common. It’s nothing for use to each have to retie a dozen or more times in just a couple of hours. I have to be honest though. When your hands are frozen like ice cycles, it is very hard and time consuming to get your fingers to work for you. So needless to say we had to take a couple defrosting breaks. However it is definitely all worth it. To me there is nothing in the world more enjoyable than feeling a fish fight on the end of your line. It can make 20 degrees feel like 80 in no time. It started getting to dark and windy a little before 5 o’clock, so we decided to end our day. I finished with 19 smallies and Matt with 15. The awesome thing about it is 8 to 10 of mine were all over 2.5 pounds. Awesome!!

The forecast doesn’t look to great in the near future with highs in the mid teens. The bass season doesn’t end until the end of February so hopefully there will still be a dozen or so days to get the line wet. My wife Bri and I are headed out to Colorado for the New Year. We’re leaving the day after Christmas and coming home on New Years Day. We’re planning on spending some alone time in Denver and then meeting up with my Dad. My Dad and Step Mom Judy live in the mountains about an hour outside Denver. I know we have planned on going to watch the Colorado Avalanche take on the Detroit Red Wings, we are also planning on watching the one and only Minnesota Vikings take on the Denver Broncos. My Dad swears he is still a Viking fan but I don’t believe him for a second. Hopefully the Vikes get a big win and prance their way into the playoffs!! I also have planned on stopping by Bass Pro Shops in both Council Bluffs, IA and Denver, CO. I’m going there just to look…..right?? We’ll just have to see.

Until next year, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and GO VIKES!!!!!!

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