A day on the River Fishing with John from Mizzouu

About 6 months ago I met a good friend, John Sapp now nicknamed Pops. Being new to the Twin Cities, and looking for a good watering hole, he bellied up to my bar. For those that don’t know I bartend in the evening. We got to talking and he showed a lot of interest in fishing. Needless to say I found a favorite regular pretty quick after that. We made plans to go fish my favorite stretch of river and of course Pops was all in. Pops, Matt, and I all met up for breakfast and then headed north. At breakfast Matt and I made a point that we were going to try to catch 100 smallmouth bass that day. We got out to one of my best spots and after a quick lesson (very quick I might add) we were on our way to 100.

We may have fished for about 4 hours and after it was all said and done we caught 93. I caught 45, Pops 17, and Matt 31. Although we did catch a few nice ones we really didn’t get any hogs. I do have to admit though, Pops caught the biggest of the day. Not bad for a guy from Missouri. Which brings me to another point. We would have definitely cleared 100 if one of Pops’s family members would not of called and left him a message stating that Mizzou lost to K St., that was a mean joke, because after hearing the message Pops stopped catching fish and started hooking rocks!!! Personally I thought it was pretty funny. Mizzou did win. Go Tigers!

The weather is starting to get nasty around here. Soon the lakes and rivers will be completely frozen over and my depression will kick in. However, I usually try to offset that by gearing up for next years tournament schedule. Nothing like buying a new rod or reel or both to cure the insanity. I have been adding in some new tackle and equipment to get ready for the season. Soon I will do a tackle update and go over some of 2008’s upcoming products. Although I do have to say, hopefully in the next couple of years, Bri and I (and the dogs) will be moving back to Florida or possibly Tennessee. Anywhere that I can fish year round and be a little closer to the heart of bass fishing . Until then, Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Congratulations to Rich Lindgren for earning a top 50 finish in the BASSMASTER Weekend Series National Championship on Clarks Hill!

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