Fun Day Out Fishing with the Love of my Life

Lake Mille Lacs, Garrison, MN

My wife Bri and I headed up to her cabin in McGregor for a nice relaxing weekend. We decided to go try the smallmouth action on Lake Mille Lacs, one of the biggest lakes in Minnesota. For anyone who is not from around here Mille Lacs is a world renown walleye fishery. Not just trophies, but numbers as well. Leave it to me to be on that good of a body of water and not be fishing for walleye at all. No way, not me. I was after the giant smallmouth bass that roam that lake. I may have failed to mention but good ole’ Mille Lacs is also a trophy smallmouth bass and muskie factory as well. Known for its awesome shallow rock reefs and abundance of life that makes up the lake, all these fish have trophy potential. My wife Bri, aka the “muskie hunter”, which is self named after her 42″ muskie she caught last year on Lake Minnetonka, decided to devote her time on the water to one of those 50″ monster muskie that roam the reefs as well.

The day started out pretty nasty. It was about 45 degrees, windy and rainy. We launched out of one of the lakes many launch sites and I instantly headed for a couple well producing areas for both smallies and ski’s. I threw tubes, dropshots, crankbaits, jerk baits, topwater, and jigs. I bounced around between 6 inches and 20 feet, and ran from spot to spot. The result was nothing, not one little bite. Bri was lobbing at giant 12 ounce handmade wooden plug that she was just dying to try. It sure was a trophy only kind of lure. She managed to throw the lure to every reef around us and she also didn’t get a single strike.

As the afternoon moved on, the weather started getting real nice for us. I decided to try to work some of the boat docks that were in the sheltered marinas. What an excellent idea that was. The fish were in there and they were biting. The only thing was that they were all largemouth. We had a great time the next hour and a half. I caught between 15 and 20 and Bri caught close to 10. I think she even may have caught the biggest of all them and it was on her last cast of the day. I was using a 3/8 oz. 10,000 Lakes TeN-k Jig (green pumpkin), tipped with a Guide Series 2.75″ Chunk (green pumpkin). Bri was going all finesse with her 6′ 6″ St. Croix Avid M spinning rod, Shimano Stradic reel, and she was skipping a 3″ YUM tube (green pumpkin) with a 1/8 oz. Kalin’s tube jig. What didn’t smoke my power style jig would grab her finesse tube for sure.

All in all it was a great day. Neither one of us caught what we were looking for, but we still managed to put together a successful outing. Hopefully next time one of us will have a trophy story to tell.

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