19th Annual Sunrise Charity Bass Tournament

North and South Center Lakes, Lindstrom, MN

Wow! What a tournament. This event was my last of the season. All in all, I feel like I had a pretty successful season, but would really like to end it on a good note. Possibly even bring on some early momentum for next year. My partner was my good buddy and fellow Gopher member Ryan Brant. We spent some time last week practicing, I went to North Center and he took South Center. At the end we decided that we were both on a strong dock bite. We had narrowed down a couple real good stretches on both sides of the lake, and was pretty confident in our game plan. We were both getting bites by pitching jigs underneath the many boat docks that wrap the lake. I was getting my bites on a 3/8 oz. Tru Tungsten Jig (fall craw), with 20 lb. Viscous Fluorocarbon or a 1/4 oz. TeN-k Jig (green pumpkin) (black and blue) by 10,000 Lakes Tackle, coupled with 15lb. Seagur Fluorocarbon.

On game day we blasted off and headed right to a spot on South Center that Ryan had the majority of his success during practice. After the run down there we come to realize that his docks had been taking out for the winter. Not exactly the start we were looking for. However lucky for us it was just one of those perfect days. Not wanting to completely waste time and run all the way back up to North Center we decided to work some of our back up areas. Right away Ryan caught about 3 keepers. I saw a nice pontoon, pitched to it and set on an awesome 4.5 lb. fish. That’s what we needed! One minute later Ryan boats another nice one, 3.9 lbs to fill our limit. We continued on our pattern and we continued to cull fish, mostly an ounce at a time. We decided to head up into North Center and work my areas that I had found in practice. I was very excited to see my area had held up nicely. Right away Ryan caught a nice 5 pounder and minutes later I boated another that weighed every bit of 5 lbs. This left us close to 18 lbs and it was only 10 o’ clock!

As the afternoon moved on the weather picked up. Rain and wind moved in and the bite slowed. Knowing we had a REAL good sack of fish we agreed to move water and hog hunt! Look for one more kicker fish. With about two hours to go Ryan catches another giant! It weighed in at 5.2 lbs! That fish put our limit at over 20 lbs! Time ran out and we decided to head back to the weigh in a tad early to insure we had no problems getting back on time. We watched the first flight way in and the leaders were at 15.5 lbs. We took to the scales and won the tournament with a whopping 22.45 lbs.!!! We even beat the record for biggest 5 fish limit in that event ever! I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the season and build momentum for next year!

This tournament was a fundraiser tournament, put on by the Sunrise Bassmasters, for the Lakes Area Youth Service Bureau. Together all involved raised $1071.00 dollars for the charity! What an awesome way to raise money for a great cause!

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