Prefishing for the Gopher Bassmasters Fall Classic

Practice for the Fall Classic is really a tough thing to do. Mainly because we do not know which lake will be hosting us. A matter of fact we won’t find out until the day before the tournament. It’s a mystery lake. Personally I think it is quite a challenge that way. Since I didn’t know where the venue was going to be, I decided to head out to one of my favorite lakes. Sorry but due to it’s size I will again leave this lake nameless. First thing I noticed was that the water temp was on it’s way down. We have been having some real chilly nights here in the Twin Cities lately and Fall is definitely around the corner. I started checking my deep spots right away. Rock piles, deep weedlines, humps, nothing. I made a decision right away that the bass may be moving into the shallows. I headed for the boat docks and started throwing my bread and butter, the 3/8 oz. Tru Tungsten Jig (Green Pumpkin/Brown). I started skipping and pitchin’ the docks and within minutes I had my first fish, a 2 lb. largemouth. The fishing was hot on the docks. In fifteen minutes I had caught 5 fish. No giants though. I decided to make a switch. I thought maybe a bait with more bulk would get a big bite. I switched to a 3/8 oz. TeN-k Bass Jig, by 10,000 Lakes Tackle (green pumpkin). I also added a Berkley Chigger Craw (green pumpkin), as a trailer, and a Tru Tungsten rattle for sound. It took only a cast or two and I set on my biggest of the day, 4.5 lbs. Not bad! She was right up underneath a pontoon. The nice thing about the TeN-k jigs is that one side of the jig head is flat. You wouldn’t believe how beneficial that can be when trying to skip a jig underneath something. I went on to catch a few more nice bass when all of a sudden my new jig was ripped off by a nice 30″ muskie. Unfortunately for me that was my only TeN-k jig. I will be getting more before the tournament.

The dock bite stayed hot all day and into the evening. I did catch a small bass on a weedline point with a Rapala DT-6 (parrot). All in all it was an ok day. Not sure where the fish are going to be on Sunday when its tournament time, but I know I will find them! Saturday I will be prefishing for the Sunrise Bassmasters 19th Annual Supporting Youth Tournament. Which will be held on September 30th, at North and South Center Lakes. Nothing better than fishing for a great cause!

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