Minnesota B.A.S.S. Federation Tournament of Champions Day 2 (Final Day)

Leech Lake, Walker, MN

Not the day I was looking for! I woke up to a cold front with heavy winds and clear blue skies. I knew it was going to take some real good fishing to come up with the kind of weight I was looking for. I drew partners with Chris from Golden Hook Bassers and was fishing out of his 18 foot Ranger R81. Chris took us to the Headquarters area where he had done well yesterday on a topwater frog bite. I should have known I was doomed for a long day when I caught a nice fish on my very first cast. Two casts later I had another in the boat, both victim to the Sumo Frog (Black). Snake Bitten! I went hours without another bite. I made the switch to the jig pretty early. I knew the frog bite wasn’t really going to get me into the top twelve, not with the type of conditions we were faced with. After hours of no fish and my partner still fishless, I recommended a spot in the north side of Boy Bay. Here is where my lack of preparation hurt me because I wasn’t to familiar with this area of the lake. I had only spent a half day of practice in this area. I opted to fish some thick rice beds. I knew I would put myself in position to get limited bites, but if I could get three quality bites, I would have a chance. After about a half hour I had a big bite, set the hook , and caught nothing but rice. I got my three bites but didn’t capitalize on a single one. Tough weather coupled with less than perfect fishing amounted in my 90th place. I weighed in 2 fish for 4.76 lbs. and a total weight for 18.44 lbs.

Not the finish I was looking for to say the very least. Maybe if I would have prepared for this tournament better and brought my boat for practice I would’ve done better or at least given myself a better opportunity. I also learned how important it is to do well in the Gopher Club tourneys to insure I qualify for the opportunity. Lucky for me I had a good season there and am fishing as a boater for the 2008 MN Tournament of Champions, on the Mississippi River. I guess practice starts now!

Congratulations to Rich Lindgren and Ryan Brant. Rich earned 4th place and a trip to divisional’s. Ryan earned 13th and is the team alternate. Good work Boys!!

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